Gary Vee: Twitter

Listen, I was never — AND I MEAN NEVER — a fan of twitter.  Everyday back in 2010, when I was YOUNG, I would see one of the TV (that thing they call television) anchors always make remarks about Twitter (in a funny and joyful way).  I kept saying, “psshhh I’m not using that!”  Well, because I created a podcast and a blog (this one) that’s connected to it, Twitter became my THING.  I never really connected with anyone, nor did I came about following any of those “hollywood actors,” but the beautiful part about it is you can communicate with others through comments they post on someone else’s tweet.

For instance, Lewis Howes, who’s very well-known, posts amazing questions in the morning (evening my time).  The questions allows people to communicate their thoughts through his tweet feed, ultimately gets quite a few likes, and then you bring traffic into you.  I’m not exactly sure when, but there was one time that someone liked my tweet. It was either from my podcast or blog.  Nonetheless, her name was Lisa Cypers, a lady who runs HH Harvesting Happiness radio, which is a daily/weekly show about emanating positivity.  I linked up with her and if it stands, she’ll be coming on my podcast for the first time next week.

That’s right.  That’s the power of Twitter.

However, do I send direct messages often on Twitter? No.  I don’t.  That comes more with Instagram.

Gary Vee’s Twitter Advantages

It’s a complete and trustworthy directory. The platform has been around long enough to have perfected its verification system, which gives it a better search function. You can still spend a lot of time guessing whether the Instagram account you’re targeting is real or not.

Its retweet feature offers a remarkable opportunity to create instant awareness. Let’s say you make a YouTube mash-up of the rapper Logic’s music videos. It’s unlikely he’s going to see it, even if he’s tagged. Share the mash-up on Twitter, however, and the retweets can propel your video to dramatic virality, the kind that even the biggest influencers notice. This kind of word of mouth does not exist on Instagram or Snapchat and is enormously beneficial to content creators.

Not only that, you can try to spark that word of mouth many, many more times on Twitter than on other platforms. I post three, maybe four times per day on Instagram, but there are days when I could post forty-seven times on Twitter. The fact that it’s as welcoming to the written word as to pictures gives content creators the flexibility and leeway to increase the volume of their storytelling.”

Excerpt From: Gary Vaynerchuk. “Crushing It!.” iBooks.

Remember, you’re just a comment away from being big, literally.  If you follow some of the big names, you can potentially still the show.  I do the same thing with Instagram, but if there are 5k comments on “The Rock’s” Instagram photo, more than likely I won’t get noticed.  Twitter is far more personal.


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