Find Yourself & Be Yourself: Part II – Negative Comments Towards Gary Vee

“Omg, you cuss too much.”

“Simmer down a little.”

“I don’t understand why you continue to use vulgar language.”

“Those are kids. Don’t speak like that in front of them.”

Honestly, I can keep going on, but it’s just going to make other people angry, too.

Gary Vee, who has grossed over 100 million in one calendar year, gets these insane comments from “banking execs, managers, CEO’s, etc” labeled Americans on LinkedIn who insult him about using profanity.

Look, this isn’t elementary school.  You’re not 6th grade English teachers at a public school who says, “NO CUSSING!” at a blaring voice to your students, nor does your comment pack any punch to sway Gary Vee from stopping the profanity-filled rants….which actually hit home.

I love the profanity.  I’ve gotten accustom to it, and I too, use profanity from time-to-time, but it means nothing.  It’s English.

Ok, Napoleon Hill says, “profanity shows ignorance,” but Gary Vee isn’t a gangster out of south central who uses profanity every two words.  He’s not.  He’s a CEO and five-time best selling author who runs a multi-million dollar agency.  If you look at a lot of the boring speakers on TedX, especially the English (sorry – still got love for you guys) who speak in monotone and can’t get any points across, I tune them out immediately.  I mean, don’t you?

The point is, you’re wasting time complaining about what a millionaire is doing rather than using that energy constructively towards something else. That’s the absolute bottomline.

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