The Business That Could’ve Been: Wings To YouTube

While I was sitting on my couch, stuffing my face with pepperoni pizza (yes, I cheat sometimes, but blame my trainer that put me through a 1-hour gauntlet), I realized at that given moment what could’ve been.

Back in Las Vegas, my colleagues and I from the College of Southern Nevada’s Dental Faculty Practice would leave at 12pm, once a week, and head to a rundown food court.  When you walk into this food court, you have a series of different eateries.  You have Korean BBQ to the right, Hoagies from Philly on the left, and a few other (like the Mexican shop that opened for a month before closing).  It’s difficult to stay afloat in a place like that for a long time, just because it’s in such a head-scratching and isolated location.

Nonetheless, there was a wing shop.  Honestly, best wings ever….and it’s not even close.  He had flavors from Garlic Pepper, to more than two dozen other kinds.  He would constantly peer-pressure us into doing his crazy ass, super-duper-hot ass wing challenge — a challenge that often times had college students go into oblivion, puking all over the damn place (hate to be graphic).

Before I left, he was obtaining his liquor license.  Today, I’m not exactly sure what’s happening, but now that I think of it, there’s a show called Hot Wings on YouTube that features some of the biggest stars in America.

Do you guys now know where I’m going with this?

In 2013, the man who had this shop never had the idea to put those wing challenges on YouTube.

Three years later, someone else did….and now he has 1-15 million views per video with stars all over America coming to chow down.

There’s opportunity everywhere….but remember, they come as crumbs most times.  This is your warning.  Whatever it is you can develop and monetize, take that leap of faith.


FYI – I just looked it up on google and luckily it’s still in business.  However, that idea was never put to good use.

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