TOEIC: Strategy Practice – Part II (Time Test)

Hello, all! I was thinking of doing a video with this blog, but since it’s a test run for the many of you, I’ve decided to just post it up for you guys to practice.  Remember to send me your answers!


11. The government will ________ a new tax on imports of foreign good starting next year.

a. expose

b. impose.

c. repose

d. suppose


12. You need to _____________ your request form for vacation days at least two weeks in advance.

a. turn up

b. turn on

c. turn in

d. turn out


13. Since we started following the new system, productivity ___________ measurably.

a. increases

b. increased

c. was increasing

d. has increased


14. Jamie doesn’t present himself well in interviews; _____________ he is having a hard time finding a new job.

a. consequently

b. nevertheless

c. however

d. although


15. As soon as construction on the new train was completed, they closed down the old station ________ MRT Huai Kwang.

a. on

b. to

c. in

d. at


16. You can ask the girls using the desk by the window __________ the table by the entrance.

a. but

b. near

c. or

d. though


17. If sales hadn’t improved last quarter, we ____________ to consider selling the company.

a. would have had

b. will have had

c. have had

d. had


18. There are still some stores left that let customers ______________ for merchandise in installments.

a. to pay

b. pay

c. paid

d. paying


19) Jake moved up quickly in the company _____________ she was ambitious and worked hard.

a. even though

b. because

c. unless

d. except


20. We will have to ______________ our procedures if we want to work more efficiently.

a. simple

b. simply

c. simplify

d. simplicity





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