Napoleon Hill: You Can Change The World Introduction

There are 15 principles in which you should apply so you can attain success.  If you use PMA with these 15 principles, which I’ve stated a number of times before, you’ll be en route to success.

1. A Positive Mental Attitude

I’ve said how important this is a many of times already.  Because I broke away from what I talked about in my previous podcast (family, bad workplace, bad coworkers, flaky friends), I’ve been able to bring in so much good.  When you free up your attention units from these that serve no purpose, they’re now readily available for you to put them to good use.

2. Definiteness of purpose

As explained in my previous podcasts and book (Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success), you need a definite purpose in life.  Don’t be that wanderer.

3. Going the extra mile

When you have a team developed or you’re working for someone who you appreciate so much, it’s always important to go the extra-mile by showing them that you care.  This goes for relationships, too.

4. Accurate thinking

This refers to the law of concentration  in the Law of Success.  Put full concentration and demolish the habit of procrastination.  Behaviors turn into habits. Always remember that.

5. Self-discipline

I’ve met so many people around the world who haven’t got a clue about self development and discipline.  In addition to that, schools and universities around the planet don’t teach this in school, ultimately failing all children on planet Earth (and I’m not speaking hyperbolically, either).  Discipline is what I have every morning.  I wake up, listen to affirmations, do my podcast, post the blogs, workout, do a YouTube video and thats all before 8am.  That’s discipline – and it continues to develop every month.  I didn’t have this discipline 6 months ago.  Try things that will enable you for success.

6. The master mind

Bonding and teaming up with others who are likeminded — harmoniously — will create more ideas that will up-level your business and life in general.

7. A pleasing personality

This is seriously one of the most critical components of success.  From the Napoleon Hill story that’s still engraved into my head, to the woman who introduced me to Herbalife.

Linda and Carl, who are husband and wife, were the happiest people I’ve met before in my life.  When I walked into their shop for a smoothie, I can feel such radiant energy and they were always happy and grateful.  At that moment, I didn’t know about PMA or being positive in general, but now I’m trying to replicate who they are because I’ve never seen happier people before in my life.

Too many people have personalities that are unattractive.  Lots of film stars, both men and women, are very standoffish and never give back to the fans who support them.  Women on Instagram who pose half-naked in photos, showing off what their mothers gave them, never respond to messages or give thanks to those who created their base.  Don’t be that person!

8. Personal initiative

This isn’t one of the principles I’ve come across in the past.  I’ll be diving into this….soon.

9. Enthusiasm

10. Controlled attention

Another principle which I’ll be diving into.

11. Learning from defeat

Defeat! This is the best! This is where the growth is.  You have to be able to accept defeat as only temporary! Defeat is never permanent.  There’s a lesson to be learned within defeat.  I’ve been defeated from Track & Field, to applying for jobs all around the globe.  In that is the “hahaha. Ok.  You watch.  You’ll be working for me soon.  You’ll be begging for my services.”

12. Creative vision

13. Budgeting time and money

BOOM!  Quick question….what’s better: $13 an hour or $33 an hour? There it is.  This is the decision I made.  Pretty easy, right? I made in in early 2017 when I got a project to work at a bank for $25 an hour.  I started seeing regression from my current job because I wasn’t dedicating my life to long hours and garbage pay.  Then my workload was reduced significantly and then I quit.  Easy, right? Same happened back in 2011 at my first job in Las Vegas.  I wanted guarantee money versus “maybe” money.

Now? Those “long” Saturdays are no more.  I make a ridiculous average throughout the week and probably double my salary from my old place.  My motto this year was to make more money in less time – I did just that.

14. Maintaining sound physical and mental health

I have a Spartan Race, which is a 7km sprint in Seminyih, Malaysia, tomorrow.  I’ve been working out for so long because it was always in my blood to RUN.  My physical health is unbelievable at the moment and probably the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life.  Mental health? Trash in – trash out.  I dropped out of the “whiney bitch club” and joined a club that would help me socially, professionally and mentally.  Mental health that’s poor shows physically, too.

15. Using cosmic habit force (universal law).

Another one that revolves around habit, but stay tuned.

“In the future analyze both your successes and your failures, using the 15 principles as a measuring device, and very soon you will be able to lay your finger on what has been holding you back.
If you have PMA and don’t succeed, then what? If you use PMA and don’t succeed, it may be because you are not using each of the principles that are necessary in the combination for success to attain your specific goal.”

Excerpt From: Napoleon Hill. “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.”

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