Travel Blog: Episode 4 – Malindo Air, Interesting Characters, Centrally Located Hotel & Nandos

Nervous, anxious, shallow-breathing – what the hell was wrong with me? I should’ve been elated, jumping for joy that the ties are finally being ripped away from a three-and-a-half year old job.  However, when I was on the skytrain, I was feeling ridiculous anxious about it all.  Nonetheless, when the sunlight began coming through on the bus while I was sitting comfortably inside and on top of an expressway, I felt a hell of a lot better.

Upon arriving to the 2nd airport in Bangkok (Don Meung), I was getting in line when I saw one of my old TOEFL students.

This lady, who’s a millionaire, learned with me last September and October at one of the universities on a special project.  When I saw her, my jaw dropped and we met each other with smiles and pictures.  While all this was happening, I looked over my shoulder and was appalled by the scenes.

Never Fly Air Asia X or Nok Scoot

If there were two flights leaving out of Don Meung via Air Asia, passengers on the second flight would’ve missed it, due to herds of Chinese tour groups (massive problem apparently). I then looked further down the terminal and Nok Scoot was hampered by loudness (lol) and rudeness.  On the other hand, Malindo Air, which I would make my first ever appearance on, had only one passenger.

Indonesian Words

“Let them be.  They need you because you’re a teacher.  You’re fine.”

Conversations, of all sorts, were developing between this samaritan and I and he gave me some words of wisdom.  Of course defeating myself and psychological barriers I’ve created because the opinions of Thais, he kindly asked me if I had a girlfriend or wife.  Every time I say “no,” to people all around the country and world, they’re shocked.

I, too, am shocked.

But before they ask me if I like men, I quickly point out that Thai women despise black men. Is that the truth? No.  Not all Thai women, but around 80% of them do.  He then gave me some words of wisdom that felt great from a stranger I had only known for 5 minutes.

Malindo Air – Typical Delay, New Seats, Zero Turbulence, Half-Empty Plane!

I don’t get out one plane can be late with no passengers on it.  The pilot said, “backlogged.” However, same thing happened when I took Malaysia Airlines.  Try 3.5 hours late.  So, there’s something obviously wrong with KLIA 1 & 2 (the international airports in Malaysia) and Thailand, which was delayed because I saw, with my own eyes, the workers moving like robots.

Do I care? Not really….but just do a good job. LOL. That’s all I ask.  But no worries! I’m here!

The plane itself was pretty damn big – given the fact that it was a BOEING. The first class seats, which is divided into only two sections and separated it with a light drape, was GORGEOUS for a small plane.  The seats were much more spacious than any other Air Asia flight I’ve been on, too.  And most importantly, MY LUGGAGE SHOWED UP! You know, I lost my luggage for a week back in 2016, and to this day, I’m still scared when luggages are coming out of the belt from down below, swaying form side-to-side – hoping!

People Skills = SOUND!

From making people laugh at a pizza stand at KL Sentral, to sparking up conversations with passerbys at the station.  My positivity/PMA is INSANE, but my people skills have continued to develop since I started learning about personal development.

PARKROYAL – Kuala Lumpur

So, is this a Sheraton like hotel? Not exactly sure.  Haven’t looked around the hotel just yet, but the service was FIRE! Better than GTower (two years ago), and Sheraton (last year). Plus, handling the bill at the beginning if you don’t have a credit card is super essential.  Or else, they will freeze your the full booking price and charge you, on top of that, at checkout.  It’s a hassle and pain in the ass.

Small, but very comfortable room.  Lighting and air controlled by a button.  Is it worth the amount I paid for it? Hell no. Lol.  I think it’s a $70 a night hotel, not a $100 dollar a night.  However, I’ve yet to see what amenities it has and the breakfast.

Nando’s – Australia – Circa 2011

This was my first meal in Australia when I first moved there,  My girlfriend, at the time, was sitting next to me with her erratic “distant” friend Evans, who I later left because of threats, and his GF.  Oh, good times!

Let’s come back to Nando’s.  This is Portuguese chicken at it’s very best.  I’ve missed it like I missed the cereal Kix.  So, as the train was wrapping around, seeing my hotel on the right side, I glanced over to the left and onto the streets down below and WAAA-LAHHH! NANDO’S! I went there for dinner and although I didn’t have the piri-piri sauce with me, it was still amazing.

Here’s the beginning of my trip with much more looming!

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