Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Pronunciation #3 – Word Stress

I’ve been teaching a lot of pronunciation and I’m absolutely AMAZED at the fact of how vital word stress is.  Stressing, especially nouns and functions, can change the entire meaning of a sentence and how it’s being said.

In addition to that, syllables in words receive different stress.  This means we say one syllable stronger and louder than the others.  Stress can be on any syllable.  For example, we stress the first syllable in jacket, the second syllable in computer, and the last syllable in understand. 

Focus on word stress as you learn new vocabulary.  Stressing the wrong syllable can make a word difficult to hear or understand.

Underline and pronounce, out loud, the following syllables.

  1. feature
  2. review
  3. engineer
  4. supplies
  5. reminder
  6. highlight
  7. organized
  8. stapler
  9. expensive




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