Arsenio’s ESL Podcast – Officially Launched!

I am beyond ecstatic to finally kick off my first ever ESL Podcast.  I’ve done a couple things before, and make YouTube videos in terms of test prep courses, but I have not launched an ESL Podcast until today.  It’s a special moment because there are thousands of students worldwide who have been waiting for this very day.

What will the podcast feature?

Worldwide interviews with non-native English speaker, pronunciation exercises, writing, blogs, PDF’s, storytelling, grammar, traveling, common phrases and much more!

How often will you upload?

It all depends on the demand.  I don’t want to upload as frequently as my personal development podcast, but there is an opportunity that I would do four podcasts a week.  My personal development podcast will probably switch to 3 times a week instead of daily.

Is this going to be a typical ESL podcast?

With my personality, character, and charisma, ABSOLUTELY NOT.  I’m witty, funny, and a little crazy.  I have friends in a variety of different countries around the world who are not native English speakers and that’s who I’m trying to reach out to and expand.  Also, the Chinese market.

What platforms are you on?

Currently my FB page (Arsenio’s TOEIC-TOEFL-IELTS) gets all of the soundbites and recordings.  That’s your best bet.  If you have a smart phone and Appstore, go to “Stitcher” and put in “Arsenio’s ESL Podcast.” Those are the platforms right now.  I’m hoping to get on Spotify by the end of this week.  It’s a little bit more difficult, though, just because I’m not able to go live and do the podcasts live.  However, it’s not the end of the world.  I will still get maximum exposure and expand.

Will you have people on periodically?

This will be much easier compared to my personal development podcast.  It’s really hard having people commit to a podcast.  On the other hand, because I know so many friends all around Asia, I decided that I can have them on my podcast to talk about pronunciation and and a wide-range of topics.  Because they’re my friends, it won’t be a hassle compared to others I have to reel in from Instagram and twitter.  I have friends in Thailand, France, Vietnam and Kyrgyzstan for starters.  I’m looking to bring on other ESL teachers to share their thoughts, too.  Honestly, I’ve never been more excited for a project in my life than this because I know it’s going to EXPLODE on so many levels.

What’s the vision?

To create a page with more than a million followers, speaking English to each other, befriends one another, and building a tribe where people can learn a language together.

Stitcher: Arsenio’s ESL Podcast



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