Napoleon Hill’s Golden Rule: Part IV

Positive thought develops a dynamic personality.  Negative thought develops a personality of an opposite nature.  In many of the preceding lessons of this course, and in this one, definite instructions are given as to the exact method of developing personality through positive thought.  These instructions are particularly detailed in Lesson Two, on Self-Confidence. In that lesson you have a very definite formula to follow.  All of the formulas provided in this course are for the purpose of helping you consciously to direct the power of thought in the development of a personality that will attract to you those who will be of help in the attainment of your definite chief-aim.

I don’t need to prove to you that hostile or unkind acts toward others bring back the effects of retaliation.  I had the special privilege recently to have a 3-hour chat with a colleague of mine and he forced my paradigm not to give in to the outside forces – those outside forces that want me to retaliate like so many people around the world love to retaliate to those who apparently “did them wrong.” Retaliation is definite and immediate.

Even the most selfish person will respond to this law, because he cannot help it!  If I speak ill of you, even though I tell the truth, you will not think kindly of me.  Furthermore, you will most likely retaliate in kind.  But, if I speak of your virtues you will think kindly of me, and when the opportunity appears you will reciprocate in kind in the majority of instances. – Napoleon Hill

The uninformed, which I was over the past 5 months, attract the trouble and grief and hatred and opposition of others by their (and my) unguarded words and destructive acts.

It took five months for me to realize that not only was I going the wrong direction with everything that has taken place, but I’ve been attracting to me all the situations that normally follows it.  No jobs; no opportunities; no this; no that.  I was constantly complaining on my podcast and putting things on my blog that didn’t suit my audience.  I THEN realized that maybe I haven’t been attracting to me the correct audience because of my antics.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, bearing in mind the fact that human nature has a tendency to retaliate in kind. 

It might happen that you would base all of your acts towards others on the Golden Rule without enjoying any direct reciprocation for a long period of time, and it might so happen that those to whom you rendered those acts of kindness would never reciprocate, but meantime you have been adding vitality to your own character and sooner or later this positive character which you have been building will begin to assert itself and you will discover that you have been receiving compound interest on compound interest in return for those acts of kindness which appeared to have been wasted on those who neither appreciated nor reciprocated them. – Napoleon Hill

Remember that your reputation is made by others, but your character is made by you!


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