Napoleon Hill: Golden Rule – Emerson’s Essay (Revised)

There has been a lot of reference in regards to Emerson through the entire book, and Napoleon says that it should be ready at least every three months.  Why? It deals with the same law that upon which the Golden Rule is based.

A lot of people around the world believe that Emerson and this Golden Rule is but a theory.  They read this book, and the essay all the way through, only to come come across their past experience of rendering service to other without enjoying the benefits of direct reciprocation.

Remember, the biggest thing I’ve ever done in my life was rendering service to a job (creating a conversation curriculum) for just over $200 USD.  That particular language center made more than $100,000 USD to this date and it continues to climb.  Yes, lots of you are saying to yourselves now, “omg, I would be gutted!”  The fact and matter is – I realized my true self-worth, not in that moment, but in present day.  Now I’m creating courses for individuals all over the world because a seed that was planted on the eve of 2015.

How many are there who have not rendered service to others that was neither reciprocated nor appreciated?  I am sure all of you have had such an experience, not once, but many times, and I’m sure we’ll continue having the same experiences in the future.  This will take away from us rendering services because we’re never reciprocated.

When I hold a door open for someone and they walk through without saying anything, it fires me up.  What happens? Well, the action, how I react to the situation, and then the result determines it all (never doing it again). Here’s the catch, there are things thrown at us every single day.  The universe places these beings before our very eyes to see how we react.  Remember my story of dropping my water and having two people pick up my bottle at the same time?  It happened to me two-days later, and I was now suppose to pick up the bottle for someone, which I did.

The universe is always working.  When I render service to another, or indulge in an act of kindness, I store away, deep inside my sub-conscious mind the effect of my efforts.

If I continue to indulge in such services, I will begin to attract to me people who harmonize with or resemble my own character.

I told you a few days ago that I’ve been complaining and focusing a lot on my circle of concern as of late, and now I’m beginning to attract to me flashbacks of 2015 all over again – the year that I had a massive dose of racism hurled at me at all angles.  Why? Well, it’s all about my actions and thoughts.

“You have often heard it said that a salesman’s first sale should be to himself, which means that unless he first convinces himself of the merits of his wares, he will not be able to convince others.  Here, again, enters this same Law of attraction, for it is a well known fact that enthusiasm is contagious, and when a salesman shows great enthusiasm over his wares he will arouse a corresponding interest in the minds of others.

You can comprehend this law quite easily by regarding yourself as a sort of human magnet that attracts those whose characters harmonize with your own.  In thus regarding yourself as a magnet that attracts to you all who harmonize with your dominating characteristics and repels all who do not so harmonize,  you should keep in mind, also, the fact that you are the build of that magnet; also, that you may change its nature so that it will correspond to any ideal that you may wish to set up and follow.

And, most important of all, you should keep in mind the fact that this entire process of change takes place through thought!

Your character is but the sum total of your thoughts and deeds! This truth has been stated in many different ways throughout this course.

Because of this great truth it is impossible for you to render any useful service or indulge in any act of kindness toward others without benefiting thereby.  Moreover, it is just as impossible for you to indulge in any destructive act or thought without paying the penalty in the loss of a corresponding amount of your own power.


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