There Are People Who Are Out There To Destroy You; Don’t Let It Get To You!

What I love about looking up statistics is I can pinpoint and see where people are listening to me around the world.  I’ve seen the likes of Macedonia, Cyprus, St. Lucia, India and so many other isolated and heavily populated countries.

I really want to say thank you to all of you.

On the other hand, I see where some people are snooping around.  I think it’s beyond comical because of course as beings, we’re attracted to negativity.  Believe me, I was trapped in a vortex (I’ll be talking about it on Sunday) because of events that have been unfolding just about everywhere.

I’ll bring you to the moment when I saw my first explosion on my podcast.  During the summer months of 2016, my plays increased significantly and I was excited about what was culminating….until.

Until…..that moment when someone knocked on my door before class and said, “hello.  Ummmm some of the teachers are angry about what you said on your podcast.”

I was befuddled.  Completely disbelief and my tongue was tied.  This is a podcast that was made for inspiration, and then one individual decided to focus on a couple podcasts, out of hundreds, and try to “blackmail” me out of my job so he can obtain more work.

Only The Beginning

I’ve never been a part of this before, going back to my days at different dental faculty practices in two countries.  I was so angry that I made the rant of the ages as soon as I got home, racking in 7 live listeners and a couple dislikes (from the snakes).  It didn’t stop me, but then I got a verbal warning and laughed it off.

Rule #1 – Be Who Exactly Who You Are – There’s No One Else On Earth Like You

The recent podcast I had with Celina was a dandy because she said, “you need to be yourself unapologetically.”  Guys, if I see something that isn’t right, I have to speak my mind about it.  If I see a bunch of sex tourists getting jobs and even work over me, that’s not right.

However, this is the circle of concern.  Just like China, this is a massive problem.  Japan, South Korea, Vietnam jobs posting “white-caucasian only” in the job titles.  It’s horrendous, but then again I work with people who would just say “rise above it.”

And Then…..

Well, getting back to the statistics.  I was showing my student yesterday about what countries were viewing my blog, and I’ve been seeing crazy views coming from Thailand.  I automatically assume that it’s someone snooping around, but the most interesting part about it was just a few days ago.  Rambles and chatter in the workplace, people taking notice of me standing up for myself…..

Then, last night I saw a MASSIVE INCREASE through my website, blog, google chrome and other areas.  There were more than 25 plays on that particular podcast alone (and no others).  I hurried to put the podcast on a limited access link BECAUSE…..


So, I’m not a vengeance type of guy.  I don’t go out seeking to take people down, but now I’m just laughing away because let’s just put it this way….I CAN WIN BIGGGGGG.

You always have to protect yourself.  Luckily over the past few months I met a friend who’s a lawyer and works for a firm.  So she luckily knows the entire story.

Not only that, but then it could backfire on the plaintiff if they choose to get ridiculous about it.

Since it’s the end of my tenure, just let “bygones-be-bygones”

The Point

The point is Thai (Gen B especially) are the most visceral towards African Americans.  They’re the most close-minded and the worst part is they’re influencing the up and coming generations.  Can I stop it? Absolutely not.  Even if I become a powerful, inspirational figure.  The point is you have to focus on your core genius and let the NOISE be NOISE.

The Good Note

The good note is it’s all done.  The day-tight compartments are sealed and now I can breathe and move on with my life.  Focus on the things that you can control and don’t stand for mistreatment.  I loved when women started voicing their opinions recently.  It was a beautiful thing because they started to stand up for themselves.  Well, at all costs, I have to stand up for Arsenio and for color people all over Asia and let the world know that America isn’t the only cesspool of racial hatred.  Yes, we can rise above it, but voices must be heard.

And with that being said, that’s the end of this story in terms of this workplace.  It’s not to focus on the future.  This will be my last entry EVER about this topic, but do click the links in blue above so you can hear the several podcasts I’ve recorded over the last couple of years!


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