Gary Vee: Patience

People can’t grasp the real essence behind this word – a word that’s so literal, yet seem so metaphysical in a way that people can’t wrap their head around it.  Patience, something which I’ve struggled with a lot, including a wild taxi moment from last week, is something that’s absolutely needed in the entrepreneurial world.

The Story

When I first started doing my podcasts back in early 2016, I didn’t know anything about stats, geolocation, demographics or anything.  I did it for the sake of just doing it.  The people who were following me at the time (on Twitter) were older white men who would complain about Thailand in every different aspect.  I needed to finally break-away from this “bitch party” I was involved in.  After I started doing my podcasts that related to personal development, 100% of those pessimists were gone.  Why? They don’t want to hear what they need to hear, they would rather just keep complaining about the same thing over and over.

As the months went on, I went from a $5 premium, to a $10 premium – enabling me to see the location of my listeners.  I recall seeing only the likes of Menlo Park, California and Bangkok.  My base was small.  I wasn’t sharing it on FB pages, creating wordpress posts, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube.  Once I enabled downloading, however, that’s when everything began to pour in – including YouTube plays.

As the months went on 2017 rolled in, my base began to grow.  Keep in mind I wasn’t doing test prep YouTube videos at the time.  I did a couple of those in 2015 until Gen B boomers at work started complaining about using the company’s products.

If I can fast-forward to this year, it was ugly.  YouTube took a massive hit (with my videos and viewership), podcast went to a half-dozen plays a day, and I got discouraged like crazy.

Was I listening to the likes of Gary Vee everyday? No.  Did I understand the word “patience” to the molecular level? No.  I wasn’t creating much content; therefore, it was on a downward spiral.  So, I decided to start using different platforms and buy premiums.  I’ve used FB a number of times, but all it is, are clicks from fake Facebook users.  I tried Instagram and you also have those ‘scrollers’ who literally drifting into clicking “like.”  I stopped using FB and just used the advantages of having a blog for every podcast, put the link on my Instagram with my photo, and upload to all platforms.  Then, people started to take notice. I started getting plays from Macedonia and Mauritius.  The number of countries tuning in grow 500-1000% on somedays…and now, looking at all my platforms including YouTube, SoundCloud, ApplePodcasts, and everything else… has grown significantly since the beginning of the year.

Patience is everything.

“It’s not impossible to make bank when you build a business with the sole goal of getting rich, but very often entrepreneurs who get rich quickly sacrifice their chances for wealth for the long term. When I was just starting to grow my family business, my friends who graduated college at the same time that I did also went to work. They started making money and spending it on trips to Vegas and hot girls and nice watches. Me? I was making money, too. In the first five or six years, I grew that business to $45 million, and not many years later, it was a $60 million wine empire. When a normal twenty-six-year-old dude builds a $60 million business, he leverages it for twenty-year-old dude things. Yet I lived in a one-bedroom apartment in Springfield, New Jersey. I drove a Jeep Grand Cherokee. I had no watches, no suits, and no flash. I could have paid myself hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, but the most I took was $60K. I kept my head down like an ox with a plow, putting almost every dime I earned back into the business and focusing all my energy on building a personal brand around unparalleled customer service, both in the store and online. When not talking to customers, I was the most boring human being on the planet. Today I not only have everything I ever wanted (except the Jets), like all the other entrepreneurs in this book, but also I’m having the time of my life. Some achieved success in a relatively short time; most worked their asses off for years before anyone knew who they were.  You have no reason to start acting like something special until you actually have something special to show for it. Even then, don’t act special; the moment you do, you’ll start moving in the opposite direction. Take my advice: eat shit for as long as you have to. That means be a bigger man or woman than everyone around you. That means the customer is always right. That means you put your employees ahead of you. That means you don’t take many vacations, maybe for years, and your only time off is to mark important holidays and to be there for your family (or your friends who are like family). Be patient. Be methodical. Pay off your debts. Unless your brand is glamorous, live simply, and even then be practical and calculated. Put yourself last. Once you’ve reached your brand and business goals, then you can start living it up (without putting yourself into debt, because that’s insane).”

Excerpt From: Gary Vaynerchuk. “Crushing It!.” iBooks.



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