Entrepreneurial Spotlight: Podcast I – Ex-Student Defying Age

Man, the first day I saw her I remember one of my fine co-workers at the time, P’ Nook, told me “Arsenio, she wants to learn with you because you have a lot of charisma and she thinks you’re fun.”  I never knew what my charisma would do for her later on in life, but while she was fourteen-years-old, up until now, has been one of the most magnificent transformations I’ve ever seen.

She sat in front of me and we would talk for hours about so many different things, her cracking jokes that would send me into a frenzy.  She wanted to go to a university here in Thailand that wouldn’t further develop her core genius.  I said, “ok, yo moms got some money.  You gotta get out. You can’t stay here.”

It was like me forcing her out of her own country, but she didn’t quite understand why I was doing it – until now.  She ended up going to MDIS, one of the top universities in Singapore, to further her studies because she said everything was pretty much redundant where she was learning.  She was learning basic, elementary type English when she was already an advance speaker, and the same would happen at Thailand’s so-called “top universities,” too.

I said, “KK, you need to listen to your messiah.  I’m here to guide you on the road to pure glory.”  She got the IELTS score, did everything need to attain the visa and left there.  Being in the environment, she was primed for greatness.  The way she dresses now, at the age of 16, is unbelievable.  Hi-heels, bags, blazers, suits….you name it.

I said, “ok, KK.  What’s the plan?”

“I want to quit school.  What else is school going to give me?”

Of course knowing how the system works, I told her that unless she was going into the business sector of the world in terms of Singapore, there’s nothing else to be had.  Sure, making contacts and what not is vital, but hearing professors rant in a lecture hall about things that aren’t actionable, is dead.

I jut saw her again yesterday, as I do on a routine – quarterly basis, and now she has two businesses.  She showed me her website, what she’s selling, and pleading to me about doing stationery products (one of her platforms has 3k followers).  To see someone so devoted and committed at the age of 16, inspiring me, is the most amazing feeling in the world.  Did I rub off on her? Perhaps.  Is she the product of my teaching? Absolutely not.  But to see someone go out and get what they want, just like what my grandma just said to me in a recent post, is pure ecstasy.



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