TOEIC: Text Completion #1 + PDF

For my TOEIC students studying around the world, here’s a nice, simple text completion (with PDF down below) for you guys to complete.  Simple and quick with just a few questions, but really look into the answers, which are basically in present, past, perfect tenses – along with comparatives and superlatives.

34 Cathay Pacific Rd

Hong Kong, China

Dear Mr. Miu Shang

I apologize for _____(1)______ so long to respond to your cookbook proposal for

  1. take
  2. taking
  3. to take
  4. have taken

European Youth In The Kitchen.  My colleagues and I feel that your proposal has merit, and we would like you to support some additional information.

First, we would like to see a ____(2)_____ sample than the one you have submitted.  Please

  1. longing
  2. longest
  3. longer
  4. long

provide three more sample chapters with numbered pages keyed to a table of contents.  We would also like to see a copy of your resume and list of previous publications.  Most important, please include a few recipes for us to review.  These should _______(3)_______

  1. been
  2. to be
  3. are
  4. be

recipes that you yourself have already thoroughly tested.

Thank you very much.



Text Completion PDF

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