Suffocating The Excuses of Others & Not Putting Up With Shenanigans – 101

Ahhhh the day has come.  I can finally speak about the nonsense I’ve been through in terms of applying for jobs, and people who just aren’t great communicators at all – all red flags.

Story 1 – The Trainer

Like I mentioned on several of my podcasts about the ultra-beautiful trainer I met.  Her and I had a compelling three-hour chat that could’ve lasted for six hours.   I woke up several times that night thinking about her and even the next morning.  Ok, maybe I was a “sucka,” hahaha.  But to be honest, she was a very interesting and wonderful girl.  So, I continued talking to her but then I realized that she’s one of those people whereas it’s all about “her, her, her,” and she doesn’t really care about anyone else’s feelings.  Example, if I say, “hey, let’s meet up for a drink on this particular night,” and she fails to even message me within a 48-hour period, that’s a zero tolerance rule and you’re on the dark list, never to be touched again.  This happened at the end though.  After the first couple of days, helping her with her entrepreneurship, being there for her psychologically, mentally, and with no reciprocation on the other end (because I’m just a great guy), I feel she somewhat took advantage of me emotionally.  She got all the information then became feisty in one class.  Two days later I realized I didn’t want someone like her in my life.

It’s not difficult to be someone’s friend.  If you’re trying so hard and the other person doesn’t give a damn, MOVE ON! I did that to of course this particular individual who I had known for only 2 weeks, and I did that to an eleven year friend back in Arizona.  If I try making amends and salvaging whatever I can and you don’t even want to acknowledge it – goodbye.  Complete disrespect and I expect much better out of a 30-year-old, too.

Story 2 – False Job

After stuffing my face with delicious pizza and sitting across from what COULD HAVE BEEN a wonderful partnership, I quickly realized that this job was an ugly one.  I’ll give the girl the benefit of the doubt, but let’s just say you had a series of jobs.  With each job you said “yes” to, you would have your “profile” sent out to the potential customers.  Well, after five and asking this woman about a job that I thought was a lock, she simply said, “oh, they chose another teacher.”

Hmmm, so you mean to tell me that they chose another teacher because he’s Anglo? I couldn’t believe it, and then I realized that there was an even greater underlying problem.  I’m a believe in the Law of Attraction.  It takes a racist to attract one.  Is she racist? Probably not, but one of her associates are — which then attracts those clients who say “ummm I want only white teachers.”  Honestly, it’s pathetic — and in the weeeee hours of the morning this past Saturday, I blocked her and the company recruitment account because I deserve better — and that’s all entitlement aside.

What have you learned from this….

When you find yourself complaining about someone continuously or thinking about something in a negative way, reconsider that “thing” that’s in your life.  From the Indian girl who I was just head-scratching myself for about a week-and-a-half, to the racist job where I sat on my bed, twiddling my fingers, thinking something was going to fall on my lap.

It’s not worth the attention units.

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