LinkedIn & What It Brings

So, I’ve been signed on to LinkedIn for the longest, connecting with people who I never messaged before in my life.  I’ve heard Gary Vee speak about how great LinkedIn in the professional realm, but I really never got a firm grasp around the true potential of it.

Then came yesterday.  A day when I was teaching executives high up in the sky in Bangkok and coming across a website that was launched between 2006-2008 that kind of mirrored LinkedIn.  I went on google to look it up at the time of teaching to see if it was actually real (I had extreme doubts), but it later checked out as being – real.

I scrolled down maybe 1 inch, and it was basically finished.  Whatever this professional website was, they had the golden opportunity in their hand to succeed, but for whatever reason, they ended up failing. :/

My students then asked me, “LinkedIn? What’s that?”

I went on there to show them some things: jobs, profiles, pictures, banners, etc.  I showed them who I followed, which I ended up clicking the “follow” button under Grant Cardone (real-estate titan and an excellent follow base).  Nonetheless, I realized that there were lots of jobs for teaching positions; more importantly, education/counselling positions, which are the ones I want to go for.

With easy apply, uploading of a resume, and a dozens of other things that have already become readily available on the platform, I was applying for jobs while commuting.  The best feature is when you get an email stating, “the job recruiter just viewed your application.” If only email in general can have this type of function — DOH!

Fast-fowarding to Monday evening when I met my wonderful graphic designer.  We went, and are going over the last bits of my new logo, which is going to be super-imposed on virtually everything so I can expand my brand (first time this is ever happening, so I’m pretty damn excited). I told her about LinkedIn and she too, was a little bit lost about it.  With her capabilities at the age of 21, and being able to manipulate just about anything with a computer, she’s going to be famous soon.  What I’m trying to do is hurry up and get some help out of her before her prices get jacked up (lol).

Anyways, with the logos come the banner.  I told her to make me 3 specific banners for the most important platforms.

These are the following platforms I had to choose from: Facebook (two pages), Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud and Linkedin.

Of course FB has the largest following base, so I decided to put FB at number two; however, number one and easily the most important one is LinkedIn.  Just knowing that companies, professionals, managers and owners from all over the world can click and access my work on my profile goes to show the importance.

Whatever you’re doing right now in terms of building brands; whether it’s going on Patreon because you’re an artist, or Soundcloud because you’re a rapper……depending on the realm of what you’re trying to launch in, consider LinkedIn because it’s the breeding grounds for so many opportunities.

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