Gary Vee: The Path Is Yours

There are so many “famous” people, influencers, fake twitter users who brand themselves as “CEO, marketing strategist, etc,” but you can’t find one video or even an audio of them online anywhere.  Is that odd?

Gary Vee was giving advice to dog trainers once on both YouTube, and in audio form (podcast) and he said something like, “guess what.  Make a podcast or video on practicing what you preach.  This separates the bulls*****ers from everyone.”

Think about it.  Let’s look at a “marketing strategist or CEO,” for instance.  You check their twitter and they have 500k followers.  Everything they post get’s probably 1-60 likes.  Something is really wrong with that, right? Look at Instagram — for instance — where you see women with 10k followers and 10 posts.  Another person who’s buying followers.  Can you find a video of them anywhere online? Absolutely not.

We can go down the line and look at some more Instagram bios where people post the “if you want to learn how to make six-figures, click on the link below” bs….and by you clicking on it, they get paid.  Not only that, but often times a spamming/scamming message pops up.  These profiles are of people who are out trying to make penny-ad money (I suppose).    They’re the same ones that click follow on your profile and unfollow you within 10 minutes.  Yeah…I block them.

What I’m trying to say is that the majority of these people posting that their experts in their own field don’t have a single video of them on either their Instagram pages or on YouTube.

You’re the expectant mom who starts a pregnancy podcast and then writes a book on raising kids suffering from anxiety.  You’re the home cook with a beautiful Instagram stream who starts a podcast on canning and gets invited to write a column about urban gardening in a national magazine.  You’re the boy who started a wine blog that wasn’t actually about wine but about making a name for himself as the person who could show other businesses better ways to communicate.

The podcast will never disappear.  The podcast, and all the information I put out on a routine basis in written, audio, and sometimes video form, is there forever.  If you want to become a bigger name, you’re going to have to start a podcast.  Gary preaches that audio is the next wave because we’re becoming insane multi-taskers.   With this develops a brand.  It’s like the story of my student named nattakul.  Art is a hard game to break into, but when you’re from a small country in southeast Asia, you can build your brand online (and you’ll need to start teaching yourself the basic English sentence structures and learn about hashtags, too) and someone will contact you — probably with a scholarship.

Oprah, who will probably run for presidency in 2020 and win, was not just a talk show host.

Muhammad Ali was never just a boxer.

The Rock is not just a wrestler.

Muhammad Ali rescued hostages and put faith into an entire African American society.  The Rock was a football player before breaking into the canvas — and now acting.

Oprah was a TV show analyst before getting fired…and now she’s the future president of the US of A.

These are brands.  This is what a teacher by the name of Edward told me about three years ago. “Arsenio, I understand the troubles you’ve had here, but you no longer have an opinion.  You have a brand.  No inflammatory comments and no bickering online because that will comeback and haunt you.”  It did when a stalker from Florida followed me for eighteen months, tormenting and somehow sending a snapshot of something I said on a horrendous sports site IN RESPONSE to a very racial comment towards African American.  Luckily back in 2015 (early in the year), this no-face human being with a family (extremely dangerous to have your family involved) from Florida vanished.

Be very aware that there are trolls — anonymous — who are out to ruin the lives of the successful.  Just remember that.

But back to the point about the Internet being the middleman.  You now have the power to build an empire, regardless of the drawbacks that YouTube is experiencing or the saturated ‘fitness world’ markets.  There’s a group of people, a community, that’s waiting anxiously for you.


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