Wheel of Life – January 2018: We’re Back!

For those wonderful beings tuning in for the first time, this is an excellent exercise that I use on a monthly basis to figure out where I’m standing in different categories of my life; moreover, if I’m creating balance, or neglecting particular categories.  This helps me out tremendously.  Here are my scores for the month.

Personal Development: 9.5

I’m doing work in this realm, and now after having an amazing 3.5 hour conversation with a remarkable human being, I’m so excited of what is taking place inside of me.

Physical Environment: 9.5

This was the best move I could’ve ever done.  Being away from slum mindsets was the stepping-stone to true fulfillment.

Career: 9.5

This was a big whirlwind/spin because I applied for jobs in Chile, and thought I was going to get a job here in Thailand.  How dumb of me.  LOL!  The fact and matter is that I was too impatient.  More in the podcast.

Fun & Hobbies: 9

I’m enjoying myself now.  Every Tuesday and Thursday – sometimes I go running, then I schedule podcast interviews for that time, and there’s just so much happening.  I’m enjoying my life now since living in Bangkok.

Romantic Relationships: ?

Honestly, I just don’t know at this point, and I won’t even be getting into it and jinx myself.  However, there’s true potential….but that’s all I’m saying.

Health: 8

I kind of slacked off the past week in terms of weight training and my classes, but I’ll be back on track beginning next week since I’ll be training for a competition in Singapore.

Wealth: 6

Now, I knew this month would be ugly, but I know I would be setting myself up big for the coming months.  After doing my pay for this month, I was extremely angry at my present job (soon to be past job) simply because I told myself that I would NEVER fall below a threshold.  Once I did, the ultimate rebellion would take place.  More in my podcast down below.

Family & Friends: Family — / Friends In Thailand – 9

From interviewing Rich, to now befriending an awesome guy by the name of Steve Pipe, and now having another wonderful trainer friend who’s Indian but born in Thailand.  This has been the most successful month in terms of friends IN MY LIFE.  Period.


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