Podcast Update (Slotting In Crytocurrency Investor & A Trainer)


After chopping it up on a sweltering day outside of a delicious delicious vegan restaurant in Bangkok featuring a gorgeous Brazilian girl, a rooster, and so many passerbys – with Steve Pipe – I had a huge idea.

Now, with the amount of directions I’m getting shoved in at the moment and the potential number of excellent companies coming on board, I will need to find a way to not only slot Steve Pipe, A.K.A Muay Thai Phenom fighter in, but also my main man Rich Cohen.

I’m trying to bring as much great content to all of you out there so you guys can learn, grow and earn.  Cryptocurrency, which has been making shockwaves since last year, is the talk of the town.  Sitting across from Steve this very afternoon and hearing him chat about excited me.  So many people, including my African Warrior Colleague, has been asking me about it quite a bit.  I’ve been contemplating in doing it for a while…..of course another colleague mention it probably 4-5 months ago, but I never got into it.

If you’re in it for the short-term or long-term, I’ll be doing a set schedule every Thursday (twice a month) with Steve with all the latest cryptocurrency news, what to do, and what not to do.  I’m ecstatic!

Be sure to follow me on my podcast and down below are the two recent podcast interviews I’ve done thus far.

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