Lewis Howes Joker Mask: Part I

So, Lewis Howes opened up this chapter talking about Robin Williams.  Now, a lot of Americans hail him as one of the great comics on the big screen of all-time.  Fair enough.  Opinions are just those – opinions.  However, he went into a serious part of it.  Robin Williams took his life back in 2014, which was also the same year that another man took the life of Paul Walker by careless driving (just referencing).

This is called the Joker Mask.

All those laughs, winning the “prestigious” film awards that so many people are after, is just a cover-up, isn’t it?  It’s kind of like when I talked about the YouTuber Christian Guzman.  This man flaunts his cars, businesses, etc….but I can feel pain within him.  I watched him maybe two-years ago, and his vibe was completely off – in addition to the others in the videos with him.

Nonetheless, people have a variety of masks that they put on.

A lot of people took their lives during my lifetime.  I had a friend by the name of Chester who took his life because his girlfriend dumped him.  Shortly after, one of the most charismatic and wonderful personalities named London (also a cousin to him) took his life.

I never understand how someone could take their life because of another person.  When someone wants to walk out of my life, I seriously just shrug my shoulders.  A lot of people would say “that’s cold-hearted,” but that’s five-years of harsh reality in a country called Thailand and what it’s taught me in the long-run.  Other people don’t know how to channel their “depression.”  I believe depression can be dropped, just as a masked can be removed.  Anti-depressants and “drugs” are an easy way to pump money into one of the most corrupted organizations on the planet – The FDA.

It’s all based around thought.  It’s like what I talked about in my recent interview with The Lab’s CEO and how people use affirmations that are negative everyday.

Depression is a choice.  People would say, “no way.”  But I can tell you right now…I can fall into a state of depression right this moment just by saying to myself, “wow, look what Thai women have said to me.  Look…I can’t get a job in Thailand.  I haven’t heard from the job in Chile. What am I going to do? No parents.  No family.  No best friends.  My life is over.”

If I thought that and put all the feelings in the world into those statements….I would be in big trouble.

Robin Williams, just like the wonderful lady from Mind Valley, guy from Lincoln Park, and others who ultimately take their lives on a routine basis – it’s because they have that overwhelming feeling of just not being enough.

“The effects of making another person laugh are reminiscent of a fast-acting drug; you feel instantly better—and the results are addictive. Sad people make careers out of making us laugh.” – Zara Barrie

Lewis Howes talked about Robin Williams having been addicted to cocaine and alcohol in his movie career.  After reading this segment, I had no idea that he was battling addictions.  A lot of people, including the media, never talked about his addictions.

Robin Williams, a man who was able to make people who were paralyze laugh, was vulnerable.

“Men who wear this mask deflect this pain with humor so they never have to feel it. The opposite of pain is pleasure, or joy, and that’s the thing they want to focus on the most—the thing they don’t have.”

Excerpt From: Lewis Howes. “The Mask of Masculinity.” iBooks.


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