First Consultation/Start-Up – Predisposed To Thailand Now?

The trials and tribulations come in by the herds here in Thailand.  From the moments I talked about an almost “sure job” giving me a job, to being denied because…..of you know what.

I started looking outside Thailand for any potential suitors, and found a few.  However, am I still committing the same mistake I’ve been committing for so long? What I’m trying to say is – maybe it’s time that I don’t have a job anymore.  Maybe it’s time for me to become a business owner.  The fact that I have to keep searching for a job that has a monolithic perception and viewpoint of the world is really disturbing.

So, just a few days ago I read an article that I could potentially get a “Smart Visa” here in Thailand.  Apparently this revolves around the “upper-echelon” businessman, scientists, and technological career holders? Well, I saw a category for start-ups – THEN BOOM! Million dollar idea!

What if I started my own education and coaching firm in the center of Bangkok, getting in students from the top international schools, to people looking at developing confidence? Could it be possible?

Day II – Maybe It Wasn’t Meant To Be

After looking at some of the visa requirements this morning (excluding the start-up visa), they’re telling everyone to make at least 7000$ USD a month.  What’s very comical about this is the Thai mindset on the entire ordeal.  5% of America makes over that amount and probably the same with England.  However, Thai people wholeheartedly believe that foreigners have SOOOOO much money.

Back to the drawing board.


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