The Crazy Thought – Lack of Adaptability = My Gains!

Not adapting to the market can leave your company in shambles.  There’s a massive discrepancy between generations right now.  I work with people over 50 who think conversation isn’t important in learning English; however, their ego is going to ultimately supplant the country, leaving it dry of work and resulting in closure.

In any working environment or business world, if you don’t push your ego aside, your company will never recover and those who do adapt – will win.

So, I had a thought.  There have been a lot of things happening at work.  After the change of management last March, there was a steady decline and then a plunge.  The amount of work coming in now is close-to-none; and condensing classes makes it harder for teachers to get work, too.  Not only that, but there was a curriculum that I developed (conversation) that amassed millions upon millions of baht.  Because the Gen B thinks it’s not necessary to learn English, he’s now trying to make the staff sell the monotonously horrific 4 skill courses over conversation.  That means he’s going from what is a full-circle, to 20%, resulting in whats going to be a demise within 18 months.  Luckily I’m just a couple months away from never walking in that place again, but after watching and listening to so many Gary Vee videos online, I realize that I could become an opponent.

Not only that, but I just read an article online that the government is implementing Smart Visas – one being for “start ups” to try and drive more foreigners in here.

Do you understand what my next move is now? That’s right.

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