Personal Development & Physical Environment Goals For 2018

I combined the both together because there’s not much to report.  There are specific areas of my life that can certainly use some work – so let’s zero in on them.

Personal Development

Fear kind of gets to me still.  The fear of not getting a job.  The fear of leaving Thailand for Santiago, Chile.  It’s an exciting fear, but I do believe that I’m resisting a lot from happening because I wait anxiously and think too much (as most of us do).  In that case, I need to find a book that can help with fear.  The worrying book by Dale Carnegie was absolutely STELLAR; and I still use it to this day, but I need something that digs deep into my mind and can tell me, “um, Arsenio…what the hell are you scared for?”

I’ve done some extraordinary podcasts, gone through some books, and read hundreds of pages in 2017 for my blog and podcast that lead to not only me instilling lots of prized information, but changing the lives of so many people around the world.  That’s such an accomplishment.

So what’s the plan for this year? I need to keep learning.  Hell, I believe I can improve my writing style.  Different complex sentence structures and need to vary my vocabulary much more – especially in my book.

Spanish, which I haven’t listened to since Wednesday, is something I’m preparing and practicing for (potential move to Chile is becoming larger).

How can I become a better teacher, student, lover, and so many other things?  This is all part of personal development.

Physical Environment

My place, which I just moved into two weeks ago, is marvellous.  I’m literally sitting on my bed overlooking traffic, a Sky Train system, sun is setting, skies are somewhat blue, and I’m eight floors up.  Everything from the air condition, to my kitchen is just SOUND! I’m in love! This is a big part of what could be my last months here in Thailand. What’s interesting is I was thinking a few days ago about living in my other condo.  If I was there for five days doing nothing during the holidays, I could’ve lost my mind, given the fact there’s nothing in that area except ignorance, and a shopping plaza full of ignorance (lol).  I’m just so grateful to be living in Bangkok because it’s just active.  Hell, I just went running recently down the streets and these office women were looking at me, biting their lip.  My physical environment is at a 10 at home. However, work is work…and until I have an interview next week on Skype with a potential employer in Santiago, it will remain a source of income.

Goals for the year is definitely to live in a place where there isn’t any music (if I move), and have a job that I can make money on top of money.  I want to have projects like I have here in Thailand…but in Chile.  Only time will tell.


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