Books & Podcast Schedule for January 2018

January 1st – Goal-Setting 

Now that I have hired a graphic designer, I now get a second opinion about everything I’m doing an how I can run new traffic through my podcast.  There needs to be an easier way to access certain things in terms of self-confidence, habits, savings, etc.  I feel on my podcast right now is just a stream of information jumping from one side to the other.  However, having Lewis Howes book on weekends gives everyone an idea of when something is debuting.


I think having a schedule and having an internal preview is vital.  That’s why I tell the majority of my followers to follow me on Instagram and Twitter because they’ll be able to figure out what books they want to follow.  So, here’s the schedule for January.

Monday – Idle (this day I will add in a “ramble of positivity,” or something outside the book.

Tuesday/Wednesday – Darren Hardy’s Compound Effect: A very actionable book that gives you things to put in place.  The Compound Effect, like the Law of Attraction, is a telling of doing the small things will compound over time.  People cannot gain 30 lbs (15kg) overnight; this happens because of a compounded habit over the course of x amount of months/years. I’ll post the link below with the introduction so you guys can follow suit.

Thursday/Friday – Napoleon Hill’s ‘Law of Success’ is soon to finish.  I have the co-operation lesson and a few more to go before it finished in its entirety.  So this should go on for the next month or so.  If you guys are interested in some of those lessons, check out the link below and start from the introduction.

Saturday/Sunday – Lewis Howes ‘Masks of Masculinity’ is probably some of the most important books for both men and women because a lot of people suffer from societal masks. This book debuts every Saturday and Sunday.


The Direction of The Podcast

Now, August-October were the most successful months in my podcast’s history.  However, November and December was an absolute nose-dive.  I’m not exactly sure what’s happening, but I’m looking back at some of the content and maybe it’s not – actionable.  Now Darren Hardy is one of my favorite books because it provides everyone with lots to do.  Those were big listeners.  However, I still believe it’s a small select group of listeners who listen to me from around the globe.  For instance, I would know the iPad and Android listeners because one was a student and the other was a friend.  If I check the sources now, both are gone because I stopped either talking and/or teaching both.  Having a podcast per day can’t be overwhelming, and the more content that I put out there, the better.  I absolutely love doing it, and regardless if anyone is listening to me or not, I will continue doing it at all costs.

More Interviews

The more interviews and exposure, the better.  The collaborations are critical with podcasts.  Gary Vee would say try paying influencers to put your podcast on their Instagram, but I do believe there’s a more organic way of doing it.  I started sending messages on Instagram to some people.  Half responded and were happy about doing it, until they disappeared.  One talked about an outrageous fee of 995$, but not sure if that was for her to be on my show or me to be on her show.  She was extremely charismatic, but there are plenty of other people out there who would do it for free.  Again, it’s just a podcast.

Facebook Advertising

I’ve hit rock bottom and hit a lot of empty holes with advertising on Facebook.  I would get maybe a click or two, but that’s in.  No comments or anything….so I’m still trying to figure out the Facebook area.


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