Biggest Week of My Life

When Chris sat down in a meeting room at the end of ‘Pursuit of Happiness,’ it was a completely different vibe from the first interview. He didn’t have leftover paint in his hair and he certainly didn’t smell like a dog (after getting arrested due to parking tickets).  

He stayed in a hotel with his son the night before, bought a new tie, and went to work on the add he was going to be either relived or brought on full-time as a broker.

After a representative called him into the CEO’s office, he looked completely aghast and disturbed, thinking it was was his last day. He got up and fumbled some things around his desk before walking to the “council” table, eagerly.

He mentioned that he bought a new tie and the CEO said, “ahhh, that’s very nice of you. But wear that tie tomorrow Chris, ok? Because tomorrow will be your first day as a broker here. Would you like that, Chris?”

Being the superb actor Will Smith is, he began to tear up. He shook everyone’s hand, received a ‘heavy’ (long story) five dollars from that particular CEO, went outside and clapped his hands together, crying.

Chris had arrived.

Is it my turn now? I feel like this Wednesday is one of those days. At interviews, I’m a jaw-dropper. I always tell everyone that getting in the door is the most difficult part in Thailand because of my skin color. When they see anything remotely colored, they drop me.

Well, I was rewarded an interview after a couple email exchanges, and now I’m approaching the game-changing life. It’s not about the money (although it’s double); it’s not about getting back at my present job; it’s about the transgressions I’ve endured here and me coming out victoriously.

My ‘pursuit of happiness’ moment has arrived.

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  1. Good for you! 🙂 Just watched that a few hours ago. I expect getting in the door is just as difficult worldwide – and for varying reasons – and if I am to be a pedantic prick it’s ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ with a ‘y’.
    Good luck.


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