Three Keys For Developing A Positive Mindset

I saw that not only my blog, but my podcast got an insane amount of plays on my last one about confidence, so I decided to do one about mindset – and honestly this really hits a soft spot in me after the events of two days ago.

Your Tribe

Here I am at a park in the middle of Bangkok, overseeing some of the more gorgeous skyscrapers and seeing people take their health to the next level.  The people begin to pour in for the little get-together/competition we were having on Saturday morning.  Winter WonderLab, in courtesy of The Lab BKK (a gym), was in full-effect.  While I was there, I met a vast array of people from Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand and other places.  The greatest part about it all was here’s a K-1 fighter who’s into cryptocurrencies on my left, to my right is an ultra-marathon runner and CEO of the company, bankers in front of me, personal trainers scattered everywhere and entrepreneurs (just about all of them).  Just four years ago, up until this year (working at the place I do), I was surrounded by complainers, losers, people who have come across defeat as being “permanent.”  One thing that will help you along this journey is putting a “winner” in your life and subtracting a “loser.”

Circle of Influence vs. Circle of Concern: Start Reading!

Honestly, the book that disrupted my mind completely was Napoleon Hill’s ‘Law of Success.’  Yes, I can also agree that reading The Alchemist was wonderful, but it didn’t change my mind.  Napoleon Hill caused the disruption, then Jack Canfield’s ‘Success Principles’ made me presume responsibility for all my actions and outcomes in my life.  Then, it was the beginning.


Podcasts, such as Gary Vee, The Arsenio Buck Show (wink wink*), Lewis Howes and others are excellent.  Honestly, Gary Vee is the best one because I get something out of it all the time.  It’s not a podcast about men talking about their everyday life, but more of tools I can apply immediately to my life.  YouTube cannot be taken advantage of. You cannot use YouTube to watch things that will bring bad feelings to you.  Use it also to be inspired.  Once you start your day off with an inspirational video/podcast, read 10-30 minutes, and start removing the toxic relationships from your life – the change will began.




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