Three Keys To Developing Self-Confidence

I was listening to another Gary Vee podcast and he said some things that I needed to talk about in terms of building up confidence.  Are there easy ways to becoming an effective communicator? I made a podcast on ‘How Come Become A Good Conversationalist’.

In addition to the podcast above and the one that will appear down below, here are some ways that you can break out of that slump that society imbedded in you.

Do The Opposite of What Your Culture Does

Wait, wait, wait, don’t not wear clothes and expect wonders to work in your advantage.  Nothing obscenely outrageous that will get you thrown behind bars.  I’m telling everyone right now to look around.  Be aware of how people stand.  For instance, if you go to Japan or Korea, they all stand the same way and acclimate to their environment.  Why? They’re terrified of how others could be looking at them.  They’re afraid of being on another social media video-gone viral for whatever reason.  Most Thai people, after witnessessing what I have the past four years, walk the same way.  They’re terrified of speaking up, out, and putting someone in their place.

I run down the streets howling Macklemore ‘Can’t Hold Us,’ and sure, people stare at me in terror.  But what could they do? What’s the worse that can happen? Absolutely nothing.  Stop worrying about the pundits around you and stop worrying about what you think they might be thinking about you.  Dance.  Sing a little.  Laugh at a video on the bus.  Talk to a friend.  Be your f***ing self because it’s utterly frustrating seeing the conformity of mankind converting to something they’re not; let alone not doing the things they’ve always wanted to do because of “society.”

Supporting Cast

My best friend Carlos — the story I always talk about — was my coming out party.  This was the kid, who I didn’t like back in middle school, who changed me in the first few months of high school.  I was terrified beyond belief.  I didn’t speak to any of my numerous crushes because I had zero confidence.  Over the course of the school year (the 9th grade being the most pivotal of them all), I had my coming out party.  Oh, and it was life-changing because I somewhat made a council table and put some figures who I admired at the time — at that council table.  I took a piece of everyone, and I still continue to do that today.  If there’s something about me, or someone in my close circle who I don’t like….I know exactly what I have to do.

Number 3 in the podcast!

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