Life Is Seriously A Game of Inches (Short Blog)

I was on the BTS and suddenly I got a message on a chatting app from someone.  Her first message was, “hey, are you in Costa Rica? Are you looking for a job?”

I replied, “hey! Yeah! I’m not in Costa Rica yet, but would love to make the transition there very soon!”

She went on to give me an email, the email of her school, so I can apply for the job.

What’s more is we went on to chat just a bit until she ended up disappearing.

Well, yesterday morning I got a golden opportunity to teach corporations in Costa Rica.

How is this? Who was this girl? She literally came into my life, gave me and email, then left.  That email transpired into one of the greatest opportunities of my life that will lead into the Central and South Americas?

This is LIFE.  And if you use technology to your advantage, you can enjoy the amazing riches.


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