Kanchanaburi, Thailand – Full Review & Score

It took me some days to just sit on it, ponder, and saturate myself with what happened in Kanchanaburi.  This trip had remarkable promise, but it ended up being a bit dismal.  If I talk solely about the trip and ignore the outer forces….let’s dive into it.

The Drive Over

I came across some beautiful restrooms, saw the ultra-gorgeous MRT (mass rapid transit) system overhead for about 15km, the forests, stop shop (burger joint) and so many other things. I’ll admit, the drive was very nice, especially when we approached the forest.

The Hotel – Big No No

To be honest, I’m not sure if it was just bad service or lack of care, but this hotel was full of question marks in my opinion.  What I would suggest is stay near the lake where people are.  Being in an eerie resort tucked deep into the forest with 2 out of 23 tenants is…..very odd and scary.  Blank stares, no smiles, lack of everything – and most importantly, BLOOD STAINS! Yes, the bathroom rug and the bedsheets had specs of blood on them and that really summed up what was going on.  If I had seen that before I slept, I would’ve never slept.  Hell, I would’ve left. LOL. There are better places.

Know Your Goals – Stay Away From Lawa Cave & Elephant Camps; Do Trekking & Waterfalls Instead!

Well, the second day I wanted to go to the cave to begin the day, and what I thought was going to be a magnificent cave with gorgeous lighting turned into a money-hungry dilapidation.  You have to pay a 200% surplus for foreigners and the lighting in the cave doesn’t work, so they will give you some 10 baht flashlights.  Was it worth the 30 minutes and the 40 minute drive on in? Absolutely not.  I would suggest Erawan waterfalls which is unbelievable.  Also, Sai Yok was a very intriguing place, too. First time ever sitting under a waterfall and it was the best feeling in the world.

The Elephant Camp excursion (didn’t know there was one) HAS to be booked way in advance.  There’s nothing like driving into green plains and being turned around.  By that time I had given up before going into town for a massage – and the trip ultimately resulted in a waterfall and massage.  I traveled to another province for just a waterfall, essentially.

Rating – 4 out of 10

Yeah, perhaps a little bit harsh, but it could’ve been better if the reviews were better; thus why I tell everyone to not follow Lonely Planet and Trip advisor because the pictures are very misleading.  Trekking and Waterfalls could’ve been wonderful, but I wasn’t that organized and it resulted in this.  Are there better places than Kanchanaburi? Absolutely — KRABI! Now THAT is a gorgeous places filled with beaches, scenic routes and free-climbing.

Other than that, this could possibly be my last ever trip going anywhere in Thailand for obvious reasons (change coming soon), but there still are some places to see.  I would totally recommend Chiang Mai (only if you have your own transportation. Don’t rely on the red tuk-tuk looking things), and even Ubon Ratchathani.  If you have money, Bali is definitely better (wait for now until the volcano tremors subside).

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