Lewis Howes: The Athlete Mask

It was March 17th, 1990.  Meldrick Taylor, a prominent superstar welterweight vs. the furious Julio Caesar Chavez.

For at least 8 of the rounds, Meldrick Taylor was putting on a boxing clinic against the heavily favored Chavez.  However, in the latter rounds, Chavez blows started to take a toll, startling Meldrick Taylor with about 1:15 to go in the 12th round.  After a knockdown with 15 seconds left in the fight – followed by a controversial stoppage of the fight — Chavez won, but who really won the war at “life?”

Following the fight, Meldrick Taylor urinated blood – resulting in Kidney damage.  The fight was one for the ages and Taylor really never bounced-back and became the champion he once declared to the universe a year or so prior.  Instead, 10 years later, you can hardly understand a word he says.  He has a severe speech impediment, just like Tommy Hearns who went to war with the Marvelous Marvin Hagler in the 80’s.

Another notable trilogy was the Bowe vs. Holyfield – two massive beasts punching each other to near death over the course of 36 rounds and I can hardly understand a word they say, too.

What’s the paradox? Boxing fans around the world cheer on two men beating each other to death like it’s ancient Rome.

However, this is what it feels like to be a “man,” right? If you look at my picture, men aren’t suppose to show signs of defeat because then that makes you a “coward” in the world of sports.  To be a man, according to bodybuilders, is all about how much you can deadlift or bench.  If you can’t do either, you’re a ***sy.

Welcome to the Athlete Mask.



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