How Reading Books Changed My Life

It was a potential trip to Singapore – resulting in a completely botched trip because of a friend pulling a hiatus and me saying to myself, “well, Arsenio….you spent about 300-400$ USD on this trip to stay in a hotel with a “friend” and her apparent boyfriend.  Are you sure you don’t want to go?”


“Ok, well I’m going to put something in your life and it’s up to you to find it.”

It was like the universe speaking to me; only then I realized that the keyword was “library.”

I recall getting in a minivan stuffed up with 13 other people and headed into the heart of the city to go to a bookstore.  Asia Books, which is one of the most famous bookstores here in Thailand, was a goliath sitting in it’s lonesome at the end of the shopping plaza.  I walked in and went straight to the self-development section.

There it was.  Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success staring at me.  First thing I noticed was that it was MASSIVE.  We’re talking more than 500 pages; and the pages were BIG!  Just a couple months earlier I heard Will Smith mention Paulo Coelho’s book “The Alchemist,” which was standing unscathed right next to Napoleon’s book.  I snagged both off the bookshelf, had some wondrous Mexican food, and booked it home to start the reading.

That was the beginning.  Just a few months later, Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles made it’s way into my lap on top of a few others such as Lisa Nichols’ Abundance Now, Tony Robbins Money: Master The Game, and Dale Carnegie’s The Art of Public Speaking.

Since then, my life has completely changed, and it all came from a small shift in my awareness.



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