Darren Hardy: Everyone Has Experienced The Compound Effect

“The phenomenal power of the Compound Effect is that simple. The difference between people who employ the Compound Effect for their benefit compared to their peers who allow the same effect to work against them is almost inconceivable. It looks miraculous! Like magic or quantum leaps. After thirty-one months (or thirty-one years), the person who uses the positive nature of the Compound Effect appears to be an “overnight success.” In reality, his or her profound success was the result of small, smart choices, completed consistently over time.”

Let me break this down in incremental sub-stories.

When I was on break from college, my brother and I got into a massive argument over money.  He said, “why are you having mom pay for your phone bill? You should pay for it instead!”  From that point going forward, I became a very aggressive saver.  This is the intent of very successful people – be able to live on a little amount every month and invest/save everything away for a beautiful day.

This lead to a booking of a trip to Australia in May of 2009.  If those events hadn’t taken place in the past, I would’ve never gone to Australia to begin with.  Those small, smart choices of saving money made all the difference in the world and still continues to do so. How? Well, Malaysia, Maldives, America, Indonesia in one year says it all.  Saving had a large impact on my travels.

Another excellent example is my podcast.  Do I have millions of downloads? No.  Do I have hundreds of thousands, tens of thousands, or even thousands of downloads? Well, thousands of downloads and plays over an almost 2-year span.  A lot of people would say, “that’s not good,” but those small steps will leave a very lasting effect on everyone.  Some people think everything works instantaneously, like my blogs.  I’ve written more than 150 blogs but not that many views, likes or followers compared to others who write about politics and attract dozens of negative comments.  My intent is not about the macro, but those micro-wins will deliver macro success.

And, of course, my last story is Herbalife.  I’ve been doing it for four years and people ask me, “are you making money from it yet?”  No.  I’m doing it for my health.  If I was more aggressive, I could’ve been able to accumulate quite a bit by now, but that’s never my intent; nor is it my intent to shove endless amounts of blogs and messages down my friends throats, urging them to try it.  Again, if someone comes to me with healthy questions, I deliver.

All in all, it’s all about consistency. I will continue producing content for my YouTube and Podcast; continue writing; herbalife; and so many other things….because over a period of time, it’s going to make all the difference in the world.


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