It’s Just A Matter of Time – Stay Persistent & Grateful

Yesterday was one of those days that I was completely down-in-the-dumps for no reason. I was on the bike trying to pick up the intensity like the day before – only to be thinking about what’s happening at work.

What’s happening at work?


However, when I waltzed into the workplace, I knew the energy was off.  No one was saying anything.  No “hellos” or anything was happening.  So I just said, “ok, it’s going to be one of those days.”  After my two classes, I scampered off, went back home and just feel like the life was sucked out of me.

It felt almost to the point that I was off track with my purpose.  This has happened a couple of times.  When I check my feelings and ‘degree’ of worry, there’s nothing looming.  So, what was this that I’m feeling? Well, when I’m off track with my purpose, that inner-guidance system sends a message throughout my body saying, “hey, get back on track! Get focused and be grateful for what you have!”

However, this can’t happen everyday.  I’m not a perfectionist….so I decided to sleep as early as 5:45pm before waking up several times between 6pm and 5am.  When I woke up, a picture struck me.

image1 2

And this was it! It was like the friend I never heard chirping in my ear saying, “stop worrying about why your podcast hasn’t taken off yet; why you haven’t got the opportunity of a lifetime in Bangkok; why you didn’t get this job opportunity or that one!”

This is how it always starts.  You start from the very beginning; and because we don’t reap those immediate rewards, we get discouraged almost immediately and give up.  How many failed podcasts are out there? How many people are producing more content than me?  How about blogs? Websites? YouTube videos? TOEIC and IELTS videos? Wise up, Arsenio….you’re doing an outstanding job and your friend Deeptha phrased you as a “content machine” just yesterday.  However, because you’re not getting more gratification from the outside world, you’re hard on yourself.

See, that’s myself talking to myself.  It’s time to take a step back, look at what you’ve become so far, and be grateful as hell.  We’re not always going to get the immediate and instant gratification from the world, but those handful of people, especially in countries like Uganda, Switzerland, France, Belgium, South Africa, Iran and Singapore need you, Arsenio! So keep your soul on fire and ignore your personal wants!



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