Napoleon Hill’s Accurate Thought: Part III

The man who knows that he is working with facts goes at his task with a feeling of self-confidence which enables him to refrain from hesitating or waiting to make sure of his ground.  He already knows what his efforts will be.

Also, the man who has learned of the advantages of searching for facts as the foundation of his thinking will go a long way toward the development of one of the most important facets of humanity: accurate thought. On top of that, a man who can separate facts from important and unimportant will go even further.

For instance, John D. Rockefeller was a man who created a habit of dealing only with relevant facts that pertained to his life-work.  When he was young, he was a very poor young men.  However, at that same time, he adopted the definite chief aim of accumulating great wealth.  A lot of people would say that Rockefeller was not always fair with his competitors – which may or may not be true.  On there other hand, no one ever accused him of “snap-judgements” or underestimating the strength of his competitors.  He not only recognised facts that affected his business, wherever or whenever he found them, but he made it his business to search for them until he found them.

Thomas A. Edison was another man who attained greatness through the classification and relevance of facts.  “Mr. Edison worked with natural laws as his chief aids; therefore, he must be sure of his facts before he can harness those laws.” – Napoleon Hill.

Every time you hear a phonograph, remember that Edison is the man that made it happen, through his persistent habit of dealing with relevant facts.  Every time you see a moving picture, know that it was him.

The exact opposite of this would mean you focusing on mere information that you cannot control.  Not being able to separate importance with unimportance will cloud your vision completely.

If you haven’t already seen the important of creating a definite chief aim as the object of your lifework, you will undoubtedly do so by going all the way to the blog at the very beginning of this book or by listening to this podcast down below.


The subconscious mind has one outstanding characteristic to which I will now direct your attention; namely it records the suggestions which you send it through Auto-suggestion, and it invokes the aid of infinite intelligence in translating these suggestions into their natural physical form, through natural means which are in no way out of the ordinary.

The subconscious mind accepts all suggestions, whether they are constructive or destructive.  The subconscious mind may be likened to the sensitive plate of a camera which the picture of any object placed before the camera will be recorded.  The plate of the camera does not choose the sort of picture to be recorded on it, it records anything which reaches it through the lens.

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