Ignore The Noise – The Arsenio Buck Show’s Motivational Tuesday

Trump; Kim Jong Un; Nuclear Weapons; Famine; Poverty; Politics; Conservatives vs. Liberals; Global Warming; Bickering – should I name more?

Better yet, what are any of the above topics going to help you with in achieving your goals?

What’s amazing about human beings, especially in America, is instead of doing a visualization exercise or meditation in the morning; they turn on the TV to engage in a pity party/war of words with what’s on there.  They go to work and talk about topics they have no control over. Why do people do this? Is it because we’re used to gossiping about things so much that it has become a daily ritual; formulating within the paradigm of the mind?

These things will always be there.  There will always be billions of people talking about their billions of problems with billions of other people….but your job is to stay away from it.

Stay tuned for my Circle of Concern vs. Circle of Influence blog and enjoy my 8 minute podcast down below!

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