The Truth About Affirmations

One of my students said earlier, “why do you always say you’re handsome? That you eat alone? That you love yourself?”

I retorted in the grandest of fashions – stating the hate opinions I’ve received that formulated a pseudo reality that I wasn’t able to escape from for several years.

The pain, which I’ve talked about so many times, was unbearable.  The opinions of Thai people; yes, that “land of smiles” turned “land of hate”……turned into my dominant thought.  Therefore, everyday I went on that pity party; I pointed fingers at everyone saying, “you must hate black men.”  Everyone who gave me an ambiguous look was portrayed as a racist through my eyes.

It wasn’t until I started reading Lisa Nichols ‘Abundance Now’ book…only to realize that those particularly demonic opinions of me became my blueprint.  Every time I had an opportunity, I would go on that “ain’t it awful” whiney b**** party and talk about how bad Thai people were.  What happened after that? I attracted to me some of the worst snakes in all of the free world (the wife and girlfriend tourists) that tried doing everything to ruin my life.

So, I decided to change that destructive habit.  That reaffirming negative thought that I spewed like toxic everyday – even subconsciously.  I needed to reinstill the belief in myself that ‘yes,’ I am a wonderfully handsome man that was put on this planet to bring so much more value and true worth to people across the planes of six continents.  And so it began.  I constantly berate my front office staff everyday about me being handsome….and remember, they might think about it in a conceit way, but it doesn’t matter what they think or say about me.  I was in a battle of my life just 2 years ago.  I had women from Thai Airways threaten to “blacklist” me and also told me that she would “stick the dogs on me” for whatever reason.  This is what happens when you reaffirm negative thoughts continuously over a long period of time.  You attract heinous people into your life with an insidiously malicious agenda.

I’m pledging to you now to change your language.  Tell the world who you REALLY are, not the opinions you’ve accepted from other people-turned vision you see through your own eyes.

Change it, or you’ll be changed.

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