Podcast Interviewee: Teemarie On Affirmations & Visualization

Now this was ABSOLUTELY one of my favorite podcast interviews I’ve done to this date.  After a ridiculous miscommunication on my end, we were able to start the podcast just after 8pm, and boy, did we deliver!

This woman, who’s an actor/writer/among so many other things, has an unfathomable amount of charisma, which I felt through my headphones.  The way she spoke and with the unbelievable amount of passion behind her words made this one of the most enjoyable and pleasurable one-hour podcasts I’ve done in my 1.5 years of doing this.


After speaking to her about writing down my 101 goals back in 2015, I went back to check out the goals (haven’t checked it since earlier in the year) and noticed that I achieved five more goals that I had written down two years ago.  How remarkable!

See, people don’t realize that the universe is for you. A lot of people believe that you have to “hustle” and work extremely hard to achieve anything….once you start figuring out energy fields, such as what Napoleon Hill wrote in the introduction of his book “Law of Success,” you’ll realize that we’re all balls of energy and you attract to you what you’re vibrating.

People re-affirm to themselves a lot of different thoughts everyday and they don’t even realize it.  We say affirmations frankly all day, but most of them are bad.  How can you switch it all around? Tune into the 50 minute interview down below!


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