If You Do This, You Will Never Worry About Ingratitude

Dogs.  They are the absolute best four-legged animals of society.  Just recently there was a dog running out on the main road, happily.  I’ve never seen a dog showing such extraordinary enthusiasm – let alone a homeless one.  The way it galloped, not ran….but galloped on the sidewalk in sheer celebration for whatever it may have accomplished.  This dog looked exactly like the one in the photo above.

Anywho, after running under the legs of samaritans waiting for their mode of transportation, it found its victim – a woman.  It ran up to her and began jumping on her, wanting to play.  The woman showed no resistance, but she had a resounding joyful expression on her face.

On the other hand, the same dog would go near other people and they would wave their hand at the dog, trying to “shoo” him away.  Was the dog sad? No.  Did the dog know about gratitude? Absolutely not.  The dog was happy regardless if the woman liked or didn’t like him jumping all over her leg.

That’s what makes us so much different from dogs.  We want that gratitude.  If we hold a door open for someone to walk in behind us, we expect a thank you; if not, it could lead to an eruption of hostility and raw emotion.  The emotion of discontent, “excuse me, I just held the door open and you didn’t say thank you?”

This goes with Christmas parties, a story that Dale Carnegie mentioned in his book.  A business owner gave away more than $10,000 dollars in Christmas bonuses to his 300 employees and no one seemed to give a damn.  Not one thank you.

He wallowed himself in resentment and self-pity, he might have asked himself why he didn’t get any appreciation.  Maybe he had underpaid and overworked his employees? Maybe they wanted something more than cash? Maybe they wanted him to show his appreciation by words? This man didn’t know the “love” language of any of his employees; therefore, that’s probably why they shoulder shrugged him and went on.

The point I’m trying to make is this man made the human and distressing mistake of expecting gratitude.

But it’s all just human nature! Try to make it an oath to yourself to not expect appreciation, so when it does come….it’ll be a wonderful surprise.

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