Napoleon Hill: Pleasing Personality + Creed

It’s time for us to turn our attention to the student of ways and means that one can develop a pleasing personality.

Number 1 = Character.  No one can have a pleasing personality without the foundation of a sound, positive character.  You can lavish yourself with clothes of the neatest and latest design, and conduct yourself in the most pleasing and professional manner; but if there is free, and envy, and hatred, and jealous in your heart, you will never attract characters which harmonize with your own. Like attracts like!

You can have an artificial smile that belies your feelings, and you may practice the art of hand-shaking so that you can imitate, perfectly, the hand-shake of the person who is an adept at this art, but, if these outward manifestations of an attract personality lack that vital factor or purpose, they will repel instead of attract.

First: Select those whose characters are made up of the qualities you wish to build into your own character.  Begin to appropriate these qualities, through the aid of Auto-suggestion.  Create, in your imagination, the council table and gather those characters around it each night, first having written out a clear, concise statement of the particular qualities that you wish to appropriate from each.  Speak it aloud.  Be outspoken about it and say it aloud –  what you want from each character.

Second: Remember, self-control is pivotal throughout this process.  Let the dominating thought of your mind be a picture of the person that you intend to be: the person that you are deliberately building, through this procedure.

At least a dozen times a day when you have some down time, shut your eyes and direct your thoughts to the figures sitting at your council table.

Third: Find at least one person each day, and more if possible, in whom you see some good quality that is worthy of praise, and praise it.  Remember, this praise should not be cheap and insincere; it has to be genuine.




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