If You Don’t Do This, You’re Headed For Trouble

I’m a person who has a tendency of forgetting names.  There, I said it! We’ve all fell victims to this type of crime, and quite frankly you can lose a lot of respect, especially in the business world.

What is it that Jim Kwik knows and does to establish himself as one of the best memorization beings on the planet?

Sometimes it’s difficult to remember names, particularly if it’s hard to pronounce.  For example, Korean, Japanese and Chinese names are relatively easy for me.  However, there are German names and French names that are always difficult.  Instead of learning how to say an individuals name, we give them a nickname.

Most notably, comedian Kevin Hart called Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – DJ.  Another example would be my name.  I’m named after a comedian back in the 1980’s and people would call me ‘A,’ which I believe is pretty pathetic.

I’ll mention Jim Kwik again, who I have come in contact with on instagram.  His video about 3 years ago changed the way I view names; in addition, it gave me additional techniques to use so I can better myself.

Technique Number 1: Repetition

Yes.  When you reach out and shake someone’s hand for the first time, repeat their name after they say it.  Before you leave the common area, say their name again…..not only will this boost your confidence, but the faith in the other person because then they will say, “wow, he remembered my name.”

Technique Number 2: Word of Association

Emotional reactions to meeting someone triggers something within the brain/mind whereas you’re more predisposed to remembering the name.  You can remember a beautiful woman’s name, or a handsome man’s name….but you can’t remember anyone’s name where there isn’t an attraction, right?  If you think of the name Carol….how about Christmas Carols? Picture a Christmas tree overtime you see “Carol.”

How about Tom “The Bomb”….every time you see this individual, you remember the good ol,’ classic game Superbomber Man for SNES.

Here’s a video of Jim Kwik and Lewis Loews to further develop your ability along with my podcast.

Podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/episode/12393376

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