The Seven Deadly Horsemen

The worst enemy that any man has is the one that walks around under his own hat.  If you could see yourself as others, you would see the enemies that you harbour in your own personality might be discovered and thrown out.  The Seven Enemies named in this essay are the commonest which ride millions of men and women to failure without being discovered.  Weigh yourself carefully and find out how many of the seven you are harbouring.

Intolerance, has killed more people, destroyed more friendships and created more war on this planet than the other six horsemen combined!

If you look at what happened during the 20th century with endless wars and the advancement of something called “communism,” it was a world phenomenon.  Everyone wanted power in the world: Hitler, Stalin, Zedong, Pol Pot…..they suffered from one of the deadliest horsemen in humanity.

Greed is an enemy that America is so familiar with….going all the way back to the Great Depression, and recently what happened in 2008.  People are accumulating massive amounts of money which they’ll never spend in their lifetime.

Egoism, obviously when man thinks he’s a step ahead of everyone else, is a widespread phenomenon.  In my podcast, I talk about how there are people who go to southeast Asia to engage in dehumanization, which is what so many people are suffering from (men) in present day, especially here in Thailand.


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