Enthusiasm Creed

Through the aid of Auto-suggestion, any person can build a sound character, no matter what his past has been.  As a fitting close for this lesson, I wish to emphasize the fact that all who have character have enthusiasm and personality sufficient to draw to them others who have character.

You will now be instructed as to how you should proceed in developing enthusiasm, in the event that you do not already possess this rare quality.

The instructions will be simple, but you will be unfortunate if you discount their value on that account.

First: Complete and follow the remaining lessons of this course, which I make in podcasts and blog forms, because other important instructions which are to be co-ordinated with this one will be found in the subsequent lessons.

Second: If you haven’t already done so, write out your definite chief aim in clear, simple language, and follow this by writing out the plane through which you intend to transform your aim into reality.

Third: Read over the description of your definite chief aim each night, just before retiring, and as you read, see yourself (in your imagination) in full possession of the object of your aim.  Do this with full faith in your ability to transform your definite chief aim into reality.  Read aloud, with all the enthusiasm at your command, emphasising every word.  Repeat this reading until the small still voice within you tells you that your purpose will be realized.  Sometimes you will feel the effects of this voice from within the first time you read your definite chief aim; while at other times, you may have to read it a dozen or fifty times before the assurance comes, but do not stop until you feel it.

Podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/episode/12270145

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