Idea of Heroism Has Been Shattered

Athletic ‘stars’ such as Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry & more are considered role models and heroes in a many of communities across America; yet, they rarely sign autographs for fans or give back to fans/communities.

If you look at Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, and other football players in Europe, they have more than 100 million followers on social media, but what acts of heroism have they displayed? How have they made your life better?  What did they change within your mind? At less you’re an athlete, this doesn’t really relate to anyone.

I stopped taking sports serious when I realized I was losing my voice for people who didn’t even know I existed.

I stopped taking university basketball serious when I realized I didn’t have anything invested into those students or that particular university.

I stopped taking sports seriously in general because I felt a degree of separation.

Seeing those fans front-row of Man U games flipping off players they know nothing about.  Is that really how humanity should be? Is that the divide we need in a world that’s itching so desperately for a leader?

When it comes to heroism, I’m talking about Rosa Parks making a stand for African Americans and what a lot of people believe was the kickoff of the Civil Rights Movement in America.

What about the wondrous Muhammad Ali who did absolutely everything for African Americans spanning decades; in addition, helping free some hostages in the early 90’s.

How about those incredible beings who have scaled Mt. Everest and beat off ‘death zone.’

I feel that the world looks up to the wrong people.  The pop singers who don’t give a hoot about their fans, the actresses who lavish themselves in endless materialism and deny as little as a handshake with fans.  As human beings, we now have changed the way we view role models, and quite honestly it’s pretty sickening.

One of my students here in Thailand said he did a presentation after Muhammad Ali died in class and his Thai teacher said, “why do you like him? He’s black.  He’s ugly.”

However, when Paul Walker died, the entire world mourned, although illegal street racing statistics have gone up insurmountably since the first instalment back in 2001 (  That was just shortly after the movie was launched, too.

Heroism comes with bravery, courage, valor, self-sacrifice, fearlessness, boldness.  Pushing the true human potential wheel to the very edge.  What those firefighters did climbing the stairwell of the twin towers on that infamous September morning.

Those are the true heroes.  The one’s who made an unbelievable sacrifice to push humanity, even if it costed their lives.  That also sounds like entrepreneurs.  The ‘real’ legacy being left behind.

That’s heroism.

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