Questions & Answer: When Did I Start Reading

Ahhhh, questions and answers day.  One of my proud listeners asked me about when I started reading and about how I have so much knowledge in the personal development realm….so let me tell you step-by-step the unfolding of my soul.

First book….Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Magic


This was one of the very first books I bought in Bangkok.  Being on the outskirts of Thailand, most book stores don’t have anything in English, nor was I buying anything on iBooks.  However, when I finally got my hand on this, these gratitude exercises began helping me with my incredibly negative mindset, especially during one of the most difficult months of my life.  With 30 days of gratitude exercises, this was great…but it didn’t necessarily help me in developing habits.

Jack Canfield – The Key To Living The Law of Attraction


This book came about 5 months after (April 2015) and made me start writing down a bunch of things in terms of goals.  One of the most notable exercises is the 101 goals list.  Write down the 101 goals you want to achieve before leaving the body and domain.  I wrote down 99 and I’ve achieved 37 already, which is quite remarkable.  Studies have shown that if you write your goals down, it increases the chances of obtaining that specific goal by 40%.  If you’re even more specific with the dates, up the ante even more.  This book was a good starting point for me.

Paul Coelho and Napoleon Hill



Paulo was read before Napoleon, and it indeed was a good book because it showed the perseverance of man.  The little boy going after his alchemy in the pyramids.  It’s a really good short-read and I would highly recommend it for a lot of non-native English speakers to get you in the game.

On the other hand, Napoleon Hill’s ‘Law of Success’ was the game changer.  This was the one that started changing my paradigms and everything in my mind.  Going through 15 lessons and doing podcasts on them, it has also changed a bunch of my listeners’ lives, too.  This is a “Highly Difficult” read and I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who can’t speak English fluently.  However, you could always tune into my podcasts on YouTube or iTunes to listen to me go over key points. 😉


This is the one whereas not only I’ve made podcasts for all episodes, but most notably, Principle Number 5, was the principle that restored my self-esteem and confidence in myself after it had been taken away from society.  Believing in myself again and the number of unbelievable exercises for not just business people, but the “ordinary,” makes it an absolute get.  I will recommend this book for all levels of learners.


The geographical, social, and a number of other blueprints that have been controlling our mindsets of money seriously made me realize that I changed mine unconsciously 10 years ago.  This book is one of my absolute favorites, and especially for all the women out there – MUST GET! This is such an easy read and it makes you write down a lot of things.

The thing is, I’m not one of those people who read fictional novels because I did buy Paulo’s ‘Adultery’ at the same time I bought the ‘Alchemist’ and with the storyline, it began making me angry and relating to the things in my personal life.  So, I ended up giving it up.  I want reads that are life-changing and enthralling, not things that can dictate my frequency and vibrational levels in a negative way.

With that being said, I also have a podcast about why I chose these books and go into more detail so you can also have a listen if you’d like.  Other notable mentions are Tim Ferris’ 4-hour work week and Tony Robbins.


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