Napoleon Hill – Part II & Auto-Suggestion – Closing of Lesson II

Following up from what I talked about in my last Napoleon Hill podcast/blog, that man went on to become the president of one of the largest and most successful companies in America and extended business from coast-to-coast; Canada to Mexico.  That man who went into Napoleon Hill’s office wanting to meet the writer of Self-Confidence and got a hard dose of reality.  Remarkable, isn’t it?

Just a short while after that situation, there was a woman that walked into his office, too. She was a teacher at a public school in Chicago and while she was filling out a form that Napoleon Hill asked her to do, she stopped three minutes in and said, “I do not believe I will fill this out.”

He asked her why and she said, “to be perfectly frank with you, one of the questions in this form put me to thinking and now I know what is wrong with me, therefore I feel it unnecessary to pay you a fee to analyze me.”

After that, the woman left and he didn’t hear from her for two years.  She became a writer at an advertising company in New York.  Oh, and she sent Napoleon Hill a check to cover that analysis fee, because she felt that the fee had been earned, even though he didn’t render any services.

It’s beyond impossible for anyone to foretell what a very insignificant incident may lead to an important turning-point in one’s career.

There have been times that I met someone online and she made me fly all the way to her province before I accepted a job there and left the stressful and hateful environment I was working at.  Yes, someone I met online!

Even just chatting with a random girl from Japan back in 2006 on Myspace and her flying from Kyoto, Japan to visit me in Las Vegas.  When she did, I knew there was so much more to life.  And one night I promised that I would visit her.  Did I know how at the time? Absolutely not, but then that following year I woke up in the middle of the night with enough money in my pocket to fly to Australia to visit here; changing my life forever.

“Fear is the dungeon of the mind into which it runs and hides and seeks seclusion.  Fear brings on superstition and superstition is the dagger with which hypocrisy assassinates the soul.”  – Anonymous Philosopher

“Day by day in every way I am becoming more successful.”

That’s the sign that Napoleon Hill put on his desk and a skeptic walked by and said, “do you really believe that stuff?”

Napoleon Hill retorted, “of course not! All it ever did for me was to help me get out of the coal mines, where I started as a labourer, and find a place in the world in which I am serving upward of 100,000 people, in whose minds I am planting the same positive thought that this sign brings out; therefore, why should I believe in it?”

I bet this resonates with just about everyone who reads this who goes to a job that doubts just about everything you do.  From taking Herbalife, to hearing, “oh, I don’t listen to that American positive thinking stuff.”

Don’t condemn yourself to poverty, misery, or failure like those do.


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