Cleaning Up Your Messes & Incompletes: Part 2

For those who are thinking about projects and are leaving them cluttered within your mind, I’m introducing to you today THE 4 Ds OF COMPLETION.

Do it, Delegate it, Delay it, or Dump It.

I had a couple of projects mid-last year that I was thinking about doing, but due to a very lackadaisical partner, I dumped it.  I was going to create an express healthy meal business whereas I would deliver healthy meals onsite, but with one of my partners already in debt and not taking the project seriously, I dumped it.

It’s kind of like this, when you pick up a piece of paper, decide then and there whether you’ll ever do anything with it.  If not, dump it.  If you can take care of it within 10 minutes, do it immediately.  If you still want to take care of it yourself, but you know it will take longer, delay it by putting it into a “delayed” folder or “things to-do” later.  If you can’t do it yourself or don’t want to take the time, delegate it to someone else to finish it.  Be sure to have the person report back when he or she finishes though.

This is very easy for work.  I used to work front-office at a dental faculty practice back in Las Vegas.  My first job was always making phone calls, so I made sure I hurried up to do them.  However, if back-office needed help with a patient, I would delegate the task to another front office worker.  after that, I would need to check insurances and pull files for the next day.  The faster I did them, the more time I had to relax.  Do everything you can within a small amount of time, delegate it by giving it to someone else, or just completely dump it to someone else who then has 100% responsibility.

Making Space For Something New

I’m not talking about making space in your closet for a significant other, either. I’m talking about everything you see once you walk into your house.  If your place is full of a lot of papers, unnecessary boxes, broken toys, unneeded items, etc…it’s time to get rid of the ‘visual’ clutter.

One of the best ways to free up those attention units is to free you living room and work environments from the mental burden of all the clutter, right?  When you clear out the old, it makes room for something new.

Look at your closet.  How many tags are still on the clothes that you purchased within the last year? Do you have problems looking and searching through piles of hung clothes you don’t wear anymore?  If you haven’t won something in 6 months and it’s not a seasonal or a special-occasion item such as an evening gown or tuxedo, get rid of it.

If there’s anything new that you want in you life, you’ve got to make room for it.  I mean that psychologically and physically as well.

It’s kind of like the women who want a new man in their life, you’ve got to let go of the last one you stopped dating 5 years ago.  Because if you don’t, when a new man meets you, the unspoken message he picks up is, “This woman’s attached to somebody else.”

All those memories…kiss them and dish them.  Anything you’re holding onto from the past life that’s clogging your future, dump it.  You’ll be much better off.

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