Just Be Yourself

I absolutely loved Australia.  I loved everything it had to offer such as the gorgeous northern beaches (Avalon, Monavale, Deewhy, Palm Beach) in Sydney, to the beautiful suburbs in Melbourne,  to the Blue Mountains, and Darling Harbour.  So much good to point out, but I wasn’t able to fully relish the experience of actually being in Australia because I felt like I didn’t fit in.

Obviously living with Mauritians, Colombians and Bulgarians didn’t help with the full Australia experience (lol), but at the same time, I remember having a conversation with a housemate saying, “maybe I should just be boring like everyone else.”

She replied, “you have one of the most gorgeous personalities ever! Don’t be someone you’re not!”

That wasn’t music to my ears until I came to Thailand two years later.  Despite wearing the suits that were perfectly tailored, the shoes, the smile, the meticulousness in general – I was still painted as an “African Scammer from Nigeria” through the eyes of them (no, I’m not from Nigeria, but they think I am).  Yes, very blunt and unerringly frank. but this is where the fun began.

When I started experiencing the things I did over the course of several years, I realized, “wait, so…..regardless of who I am and what I represent, these particular individuals still disregard me.  Therefore, I don’t have an image, even if I act crazy or not!”

Granted, I’m not one who just runs in circles in public screaming obscenities, but I am that guy who runs down the busiest roads rapping DMX while trying to PR my mile time.

I’m not myself.  I’m someone who laughs in public, shares smiles with myself, and dances to work….all because of being in a society that banished me from the very beginning.

Because of this, I traveled to over 6 countries, work for the biggest companies, have a podcast that inspires thousands around the world, just created a website, etc.  The purpose.  The definite chief-aim happened when I started asking myself these questions before hearing that voice, “young man, you’re a brilliant individual who’s personality permeates when you walk into an auditorium.  You’re a spectacular being.  Be who you are!”

And here I am.

I’m inviting you to not worry about the criticism of others because the thing is, they don’t think.  They don’t understand the laws of the universe.  You do.  When you start this journey of becoming the best version of you, you’ll start attracting to you likeminded individuals who will boost you professionally, spiritually, socially….and that’s when the fun begins.

Join me on this magnificent journey we call life.

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