Herbalife Product Spotlight: Herbal Aloe Cleanser

I’m going to be honest, everyone’s skin, including Caucasians, Africans, Latinos and Asians, is different.  When I was 16 year’s old, I would shave my face with a razor and get an array of bumps across my face until I met this African American woman who said, “black people’s skin isn’t like white people’s skin.”  I was like, “um what does that even mean?”

She went on to give me something called “Skin Tight” which I still use to this day, but it’s not like a typical aftershave (which never worked for me).  Not only does it relieve and reduce the appearance of those unsightly razor bumps, but it also has Leaf Oil and Bark Extract, which probably fights off the itchy feeling I have.

Anyways, fast forwarding to present day, I came across Herbalife’s Aloe Cleanser.  Now, this is a 5 step process, but I had only bought step 1 and step 5 (night repair) at the time.  Although the night repair worked miracles in the overnight repairing of my skin, this moisturizer didn’t greet my skin with open arms.  In fact, it would burn the upper part of my cheek bone after a few days and make it extremely dry, although it’s intended for normal-to-dry skin.

A couple weeks ago I got sick and tired of just having a couple pimples come up, so I started using this again.  This time, I wouldn’t leave it on my face (I didn’t thoroughly read the directions….and it said you should wash your face after use. LOL!) and I would also use it as the first layer for when I shave to help reduce the razor bumps.

Miraculously, not only did the significant reduction happen, but I actually use it everyday after showering, leave it on for a minute or two, then wash it off before applying another Herbalife Product (will write a blog about it later) on my face.  The bumps are gone, my face is brighter, and I’ve seen a decrease in pores on my face, too.

So, with that being said, if you’re trying to find skin care products, which there are a many of them out there, I would seriously and strongly suggest this because the wonders it has worked for me.  I will be doing a few others and testing the before and after (by showing pictures) so you guys can see the results.  Stay tuned for more!

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