Ask! Ask! Ask!

Why are people so afraid to ask for help. Well, maybe looking foolish, needy, or lack of better term – dumb.  Listen, we’re just all afraid of experiencing rejection.

Herbert True, a special from Notre Dame found that…

  • 44% of all salespeople quit trying to sell to a prospect after the first call.
  • 24% quit after the second call.
  • 14% quit after the third call.
  • 12% quit trying to sell their prospect after the fourth call.

This means 94% of all salespeople quit by the fourth call.  However, 60% of sales are made after the fourth call.

You have basically nothing to lose and everything too gain. Whatever situation you go into you’re going into it without “it,” right? So, if you leave without “it,” have you actually lost anything? On the other hand, if you leave with something, you gained.  So, why do we continue to better ourselves thinking we’re an absolutely failure when it comes to rejection.  Being rejected, in all cases, is part of life.  It most of the time separates the winners from the quitters because the quitters will just say, “this doesn’t work!”

How to ask for what you want

  1. Act as if you expect to get it.  That positive expectation.
  2. Assume you can.  Don’t start with the assumption that you’re not good enough, beautiful enough, or handsome enough to get the promotion.  If you’re going to assume anything, assume you can get an upgrade, a promotion, etc.
  3. Ask someone who can give it to you.  Qualify the person.   You wouldn’t ask an NFL player for basketball type skills, right? Ask the people who have already done it.
  4. Be clear and specific.  Don’t just say, “I want a lot of money” because no one knows what a lot means? A lot could mean 20$ to more than 50% of the world because most people live on 2.50$ a day.  See? Be specific!
  5. Ask repeatedly. How? Different day, when someone is in a better mood, when you have new data to present, after you’ve proven your commitment. We never gave up asking mommy for the pack of skittles to that bicycle, right? We would ultimately get it.  Practice perseverance!


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