How To Use Affirmations & Visualization

Guided meditation and mimicking the environment (if you want to go to the beach, download an app or even go on YouTube that has ambient beach noises) will speed up the visualization process.  Also, these affirmations and repeating them aloud when you’re in a hypnotic state leaves a stronger impression on the subconscious mind.

  1. Review your affirmations 1-3 times a day.  Yes, you probably won’t be able to meditate that many times, but when I first wake up, I go into a meditate with an awake ending because the first 15 minutes of the day….your subconscious is still rolling.  In addition to that, the last 1 hour of your day and finishing the day off with a meditation is also crucial.  Example, I watched a video on YouTube of planes achieving sonic boom – that night I had a dream about traveling 60,000 feet in a Concorde plane (retired back in 2003).  See how important it is to meditate?
  2. 2. If appropriate, read each affirmation out loud.
  3. Close your eyes and visualize yourself as the affirmation describes.  See it as if you were looking out at the scene from inside of yourself.  Don’t see yourself standing out there in the scene; see the scene looking out through your eyes as if you were actually living it.
  4. The sounds: the surf, the road of the crowd, the playing of the national anthem, the birds chirping, the frogs, the whales, you could find all of these sounds online.
  5. Feel the feelings that you will feel when you achieve that success.  The stronger the feelings, the more powerful the process.
  6. Say your affirmation again, and then repeat this process with the next affirmation.

Other Ways

  • Post affirmations on paper or 3×5 cards around your home.
  • Hang pictures of the things you want around your house or your room.  You can put a picture of yourself in the picture.
  • Repeat your affirmations during “wasted time” such as waiting in line, exercising, and driving.  In my podcasts I talk about how long the typical residents of Bangkok stay in traffic jams.  This is the crucial time to go over these….well, the perfect time; especially if you’re in traffic for 3 hours.
  • Record your affirmations and listen to them while you work, exercise, drive, or fall asleep.
  • Have one of your parents even make a recording encouraging things you would like to have heard from them? Some of our parents leave strong impressions on us, most notably in Asian culture.  Whatever mother and father says, you do, am I right? So have them say in a recording something you want to reaffirm everyday so it pushes you even more.
  • Put them on a screen saver: tablet, computer, smartphone – just so you could see them overtime you use your computer.

Affirmations Work

In a movie called Focus, there was a scene that Will Smith played where they were at a football game and another guy wanted to get in on some bets.  After losing a whopping sum of money, which was all part of the plan, he bet one more time (little did he know, one of Will Smith’s guys was on the sideline wearing a jersey number). He told the bettor to pick a number on the sideline, and he did…number 58, which was the number Will Smith’s friend/associate was wearing.  How? Well, for the last 24 hours prior, this gentleman was being scrutinised and saw the number 58 more than a dozen times.  It was literally imbedded into his subconscious mind at that point, so with the last bet, he chose 58 because of seeing the number so many times in the last 24 hours.

I believe if you do this with whatever it is you want to attain, you will too….get whatever it is you want.

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